TalkTalk Email servers........

  cocteau48 19:01 01 Sep 2008

..... are down ...North,Midlands and South
click here

before anyone starts tinkering with their settings!

  mfletch 19:29 01 Sep 2008

Thanks I wondered what the problem was


Ps/ Not seen you on CA for a wile


  cocteau48 19:36 01 Sep 2008

Thank you for the kind thoughts mfletch.

It's nice to know that I've been missed.

  mfletch 19:42 01 Sep 2008

Your always welcome at The Squatters Arms

Pop in for a chat if you wish,

click here


  cocteau48 19:58 01 Sep 2008

Thanks again mfletch.

An intermittent service seems to have resumed and they are still showing red on the server dashboard...a work in progress methinks!

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