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  Longhouse 23:39 09 Oct 2007

I've recently switched from Pipex to TalkTalk broadband and managed to get my existing modem/router working fine with TalkTalk and have been able to set up TalkTalk e-mail (send and receive) through OE. However, whilst I can receive, I can't get my other e-mail addresses (freeserve, supanet & lineone) to send via OE and the TalkTalk connection. It worked fine with Pipex and no changes have been made to the property settings for these accounts. Is there anything / settings I am likely to need to change to get it to work with TalkTalk. i appreciate that I can do this via webmail but I really need to manage this through OE.

OS is WinME with OE6 and using Avast.

  Stuartli 23:59 09 Oct 2007

Open each e-mail account from IE's Tools>Accounts and highlight them individually.

Select its Properties and then, from the Connection tab, ensure that each account is collected from TalkTalk (you may have to choose LAN depending on your configuration).

TalkTalk should be the Default e-mail account.

  Longhouse 07:41 10 Oct 2007

Thanks for the fast response Stuartli.

I've tried what you suggest by configuring to collect from any available (never dial a connection) and from LAN within OE after making TalkTalk my default mail address (which is something I hadn't thought to try originally) but it still won't send a test mail via one of my other accounts - TalkTalk works fine in & out but all my others will only collect not send.

Any further suggestions? I should add that I've had to set the config manually as, due to the postal problems I haven't had the CD or modem / router from Talk Talk yet and my changeover date came in on 5th Oct without a glitch so I lost my original ISP with no prospect of reconnection for 7 - 10 days which would have left me high & dry! Everything apart from the above works fine - using a Dynamode C1-C4 wired router / modem with no problems.

  Longhouse 07:43 10 Oct 2007

I should add to the above that I'm off to work anytime now and won't be back to the PC until around late afternoon earliest so will try any further suggestions then.


  Stuartli 11:31 10 Oct 2007

If you are receiving e-mails from your other accounts and then Replying to them, you need to change the From: drop down menu on the Reply e-mail panel to that of TalkTalk - this is because it will be received and sent via TalkTalk.

  woodchip 12:23 10 Oct 2007

All the accounts SMTP needs changing as above to

  woodchip 12:24 10 Oct 2007

Sorry that should be

  howard64 12:48 10 Oct 2007

your incoming should be and send for each email account.

  woodchip 14:12 10 Oct 2007

Incoming for talktalk is

  Stuartli 15:50 10 Oct 2007

Your "incoming" etc is incorrect in that it can mislead.

It's POP3 in the Incoming Mail Server panel (via Tools>Accounts>highlight TalkTalk>Properties>Servers tab.

Then it's (in the first field)

and (in the second field).

One easy mistake to make, by the way, is to write stmp rather than smtp...:-)

All e-mail accounts, including TalkTalk, should have the standard POP3 and SMTP lines for each ISP; it's the "Collect Messages From.." for each account that should always be your Default ISP (i.e. in this case TalkTalk).

  howard64 19:38 10 Oct 2007

Stuartli - it is not the talktalk emails that are wanted but the ones from the previous isp. I used to be with ntl and to get the emails from that isp I have to have an account in outlook express with incoming to send out I have to use

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