talktalk and choice of adsl modem/router

  jrb1946 13:34 07 Aug 2006

My daughter has decided to use talktalk (TT) free broadband. TT offer their ADSL modem for £30. I happen to have a spare ADSL modem and suggested she uses it.
TTs notes (on their website)on the choice of modem suggest that if the ADSL modem is more than a year old it might not work because TT are using some very upto date technology (by which comment I suppose them to mean that we should buy their £30 version).

Does anyone know what they are talking about? what technology they might be using which is not compatible with an ADSL modem no matter what vintage? (& which works well enough with AOL as the ISP)?
Or do you suspect as I do that this is technospeak to frighten technophobes with £30 they don't know what else to do with in their back pockets?
ps the ADSL modem (do I mean router?) I have is a 10/100 ethernet cable connection to the ethernet card in the pc type and so is configured using from IE - it also has a USB option which is v slow (1 MIP) - the ethernet cable connection is as fast you'd expect it to be. And is made by Castlenet - TW.

  Stuartli 14:04 07 Aug 2006

I use this modem router with TalkTalk:

click here

It's actually a Safecom rebadged model under the name Guru.

I was using TalkTalk with my Tiscali Sagem USB modem before but have never been sent the Connect and Go CD-ROM by TalkTalk, despite two requests.

Also see the end of this thread:

click here

  Stuartli 14:05 07 Aug 2006

The ADSL modem router seems to ensure a much more stable 1.7/1.8MB connection (on a 2MB service) than the USB alternative throughout the day.

  Stuartli 14:08 07 Aug 2006

Just read your thread again re TalkTalk technology.

My router was set up according to the standard instructions and I haven't even undergone the firmware update listed at:

click here

as all seemed well.

I wonder if the technology mentioned refers to TalkTalk LLU equipment at BT exchanges?

  jrb1946 16:06 07 Aug 2006

Stuart, thanks. I think what I get from your reply is that you would not expect any difficulties merely because the modem was more than a year old - I so I should not worry about it. I can handle that!
I have read all the TalkTalk threads I think but thanks for the pointer.

  Stuartli 16:09 07 Aug 2006

Yes, that is what I meant...:-)

  Stuartli 16:20 07 Aug 2006

TalkTalk's wireless networking support mentions no specific modem router models except for the configuration, where the Belkin URL is given (

Mine is given as, but it's not a wireless model (it's not a subject I know a great deal about at the moment!). See:

click here

Also, in the Installing Broadband section, it states: "Most ADSL routers sold in the UK will be ready to connect to TalkTalk Broadband. The settings should be as below. If you have any problems with your router, please contact the manufacturer. We can't offer any support for hardware we haven't supplied.

VPI = 0
VCI = 38
DNS settings (primary)
DNS settings (secondary)
Authentication = CHAP
Encapsulation mode = PPP over ATM (PPPoA). VC-MUX

You will also need your TalkTalk Broadband username and password. You'll find these in the welcome letter we sent." (click here)

  jrb1946 16:45 07 Aug 2006

Yes I found those settings and have put them into the modem. All except Authentication = CHAP
there was no option for it.
Do you know what it is or where it goes or both?

  ade.h 17:11 07 Aug 2006

Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol is used by Point to Point Protocols to check the identity of remote clients. As it is a default standard, there should be no need to enter it if there is no means to do so.

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