talktalk access speed to the net.

  asrobs 11:40 31 Mar 2009

Hi, I am puzzled by the Mbps speed shown by Talktalk I was getting 6.5 Mbps from my previous supplier but now it shows as 400.0 Mbps and this is not true I am aware, but was just puzzled.What is your opinion.?

  kindly 12:23 31 Mar 2009

Are you using the speed tester on the members page of talktalk or another one. I use the TT one mostly and it is usually reliable. There are quite a few free ones to try and you can get an average speed.

  AlouetteIII 12:50 31 Mar 2009

PCA recommend this oneclick here

  Clapton is God 12:52 31 Mar 2009

"I was getting 6.5 Mbps from my previous supplier"

How do you know? Which speed tester were you using?

  asrobs 14:45 31 Mar 2009

I am not concerned about the speed, to the point of checking with a proper tester, I am happy to see the speed when I hover over the double pc screens on the task bar,and this is fairly accurate when checked properly.Ijust wondered at the anomily in the figures.

  Clapton is God 15:30 31 Mar 2009

"the speed when I hover over the double pc screens on the task bar"

That is NOT telling you the speed you are achieving.

That is simply telling you the maximum speed your line is capable of.

The only way to establish the true speed you're achieving is to use a speed tester website

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