samc24 09:25 01 Mar 2012

im trying to uninstall my talktalk security. Wont allow me through remove/add programs. I have ceased my BB connection with talktalk. I have followed the registry and tried to remove talktalk components, but i get an error message that says 'unable to delete'. for some reason i cant download ccleaner as i get a 404 error message. I have emailed talktalk but as i have cancelled my contract with them, they dont want to help!.

Im not very good at using the systems on registry etc, so if someone can help, please do.

  chub_tor 09:48 01 Mar 2012

404 page not found sounds as if the site you are trying to download from may have moved. You can download CCleaner from lots of sites including this one

  northumbria61 10:54 01 Mar 2012

You should be able to uninstall through add/remove programs if listed there.

  spuds 12:14 01 Mar 2012

Can you explain how you have TalkTalk security on your computer. What's it called, and how you downloaded it?.

Or are you referring to your router and broadband settings for TalkTalk?.

If you are not very good with registry, then I would advice you not to change anything there, until someone provides extra advice.

  northumbria61 12:26 01 Mar 2012

spuds - I think this is what he is referring to enter link description here

There's also a review of it here enter link description here

  spuds 13:39 01 Mar 2012

northumbria61- thanks for that. I am with TalkTalk and have received information in the past about HomeSafe, but never considered anything further about, due to already having 'safeguards' on my computers. You have just jogged my mind about it.

  samc24 14:02 01 Mar 2012

Thanks all for your replies. Its a talktalk safety boost which you pay £2 a month for with talktalk. When i brought this protection, i downloaded it from a link sent by talktalk which provided me with the anti virus and firewall protection.

My new service provider provides an antivirus software free which im trying to install but because i can not remove talktalk security, i cant upload the new software and says its conflicting. The new software can remove it and its components but half way through the download it says that a critical error has occured and the download cancels. This is because for some reason talktalk security wont delete.

The safety boost through talktalk is a broadband run safety feature, and since i dont have the broadband service anymore, i cant access the feature to uninstall. Its like my computer is missing the main program to be able to run and uninstall.

I can remove talktalk security from add/remove programs, but on restarting it still appears and it wont delete/remove.

  spuds 17:32 01 Mar 2012

You could perhaps try Revo Uninstaller, which might help. Download it from http// then run it, and see if it finds and removes any bits left from the program you want removing.

If that fails, then you will need to dig deeper into the computer.

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