Talkgas and spam e mail

  end 19:09 13 Apr 2004

I know there are other threads ON this subject OF spam, but, tackling it from a "different angle";
?/??does anyone have a Talkgas e mail adress, and if so are THEY receiving spam to IT?? how can one stop it apart from just deleting the rubbish??? as far as I can see, I have no way of "forwarding " it unless I open it first, which really defeats the object of the the moment I AM just deleting any address that even LOOKS odd...???am I "barking up" an impossible tree or.....IS there a solution????( apart from shooting myself.....)

  VoG II 19:19 13 Apr 2004

Don't tempt me ;o)

Have you tried Mailwasher click here

  end 17:52 14 Apr 2004

apart from selecting and then deleting the spam , I havent tried ANYTHING yet, as not sure what WIL work with talkgas, if anything.......

  end 10:14 17 Apr 2004

????where DO these people GET ones addres FROM??? have jsut checked my email to find some ridiculous looking names on it....needless to say have not opened any of them.....but wher do they get it from...and its only fairly recently that I HAVE been gettign them ........

  coolteentom 12:04 17 Apr 2004

I think the main way spammers get your email are from subscribing to email newsletters etc. also if you have a website, many 'robots' search on people's websites for emails.

I get about 200 emails a day. I now use Spam Pal ( click here ), and I now only get about 5 a day.

  end 15:58 18 Apr 2004

I do not ahve a web site nor do I , but I am subscribing to a newstelegraph thing that tells ne of wondering if I have to create a totally different and "unpredictable" e mail account.........

  KingCanute 16:05 18 Apr 2004

May I suggest using a disposable address, such as [email protected], then change it each month. Friends and family will know to change, but the spammers won't.

  end 20:42 18 Apr 2004

??how WILL friends and family know to change.....i.e....what IS a "disposable " address...(yes. I know I"m "thick"...)...

  end 11:05 19 Apr 2004

I have received the following e mail from [email protected]
which says
"thank you for your e mail. In order to forward a message from your inbox, you must first open the message.However, this will not pose any threat to your system, providing no attachements are opened......."

HOWEVER....I was/AM of the impression that the very act OF opening the damm things SOMEHOW tells the sender that the address is "active",, AND,,, can there not even be a bug or something contained in the ORIGINAL message????? I DID open one on a "works" computer some while ago (to ensure that if there WERE "nasties IN it that MY home computer would NOT "get them"!!!) that then seemed to be transferign me to another address or site .......

  end 17:01 19 Apr 2004

any offers on this folks????

  end 09:41 20 Apr 2004

hav now spoken with talkgas as my entire e mail system is "off line" at present.....and explained to them that I annot open the spam without "risk"; has been sugested that I send the "sender" details to a Postmster address, and merely delete the e mails thmselves; as other threads say, "bouncing" spam merely "clogs up the works"; I am assured BY talkgas that they do HAVE a spam-catcher on the system........but that the spammers are getting inreasingly clever ....I DID send an e mail TO mailwasher to see if my account could be dealt with BY it....but ..umm cannot get TO the answerr as my e mail is "gone " at present..... the gremilns are "at it" again....

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