talk talk's router,damsal in distress,please help!

  samanthab84 21:17 13 Jun 2009

I have had such poor connection speed with my talk talk service . i reset my router about a year and a half ago using the little reset button on the back of my white box router ehcolife 520s. at this time the line was down an i though this would fix it
seems very strange that after i done this my connection name changed from talktalk 9k2b to talk talk 520 , i have no idea why but i thought this might have downgraded the speed

so.... recently iv been told my upload speed is to slow to use quality webcam

so i tried talk talk's DIRE help service and got no where !

so stupidly after trying to mess about with it and reset the factory settings via the router method - i have now completly LOST MY INTERNET connection

i have no internet light and have seemingly made this worse

im currently on a neighbours very weak connection from my house

i just dont know what to do

my upload speed is .0.08 and very inconsistant even with the ethernet plugged in

but the biggest problem is now iv cut myself off from the internet ....

as for phoning talk talk for help - it really isnt a option iv had more sense and understanding from a brick wall - those of you with talk talk will understand this

please can someone help

sorry for the wafflling x

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:35 13 Jun 2009
  phono 22:48 13 Jun 2009

Good link Fruit Bat /\0/\


PDF setup guide etc available at
click here

  samanthab84 13:23 15 Jun 2009

hi guys thanks for your replies

after a slightly painful phone call to talk talk who said theyre going to be changing thier call centers back to the uk , i found the way to get this working again is to put the ethernet in and enter your user name and password as in you talk talk join manuel welcome pack
go to basic then wan setting then log in setting .

my wireless seemed ok after all , will teach me to try and mess about with it i guess !

my connection was 0.01 mbs with wireless and 0.18 with the ethernet , although talk talk sites said it was 0.24 ( this is upload speed)

sadly i cannot leave talk talk unless i pay alot of money to BT to have my phone line back, so i guess it is simpler to have talktalk for now till virgin lay some cable in my area
thought id reply and let you know hoow it went in case any one else had any probs like this


  cocteau48 13:56 15 Jun 2009


For future reference samantha create an account and log onto the TT Members Forum site click here

The site is monitored by TT's own tech support guys (admittedly not 24/7) and they are really friendly and helpful. They can see your stats and change your profile for you and monitor the changes made.

So far as TT moving their call centre back to the UK......wonderful if you are correct!

  samanthab84 15:08 15 Jun 2009

yes its good news though i got through to the sales line in the uk an the guy had a thick eatern european accent so... i dont think it will be much better im afraid
although the indian call centers are helpful enough they dont really listen to what your saying the just take you through a procedure .... as for getting my UPLOAD speed problem sorted, it still seems i cant get any sense on that issue , although the uk sales center said my phone line was limited on what i can recieve and id need a better phone line or something , when i asked tech help to resolve this and upgrade my service/line she just ignored me pretty much

i really am at my wits end and my online business isnt going to take off or get any where without a decent upload speed of around 0.10 ..... it really isnt alot to ask but its a right nightmare . im almost defeat

  Stuartli 15:28 15 Jun 2009

Full details of TalkTalk's configuration, plus the key reason why you should set the MTU at 1432, can be found at:

click here

click here

More help on setting up a router:

click here

Your router in particular:

click here

I get between 6.5Mb and 7.3Mb consistently with my TalkTalk connection - I've been with TT since it started in April 2006, starting on the 2Mb service and being switched to LLU early in 2007.

Vastly superior to Tiscali, ironically now under the CPW banner...:-)

  samanthab84 15:43 15 Jun 2009

will the phone line limitation the uk sales woman mentioned be a issue with doing this ??

thanks for the links will check them out !

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