Talk Talk is it OK now ?

  Miros 19:39 06 Sep 2007

I know some weeks ago Talk Talk was getting a battering in this forum, because of it's poor service I think then the main cause was being overwhelmed with the response to it's new advertising campaign. Well that's the impression I got at the time.

A friend of mine is considering signing up with them mainly because it's available where he lives and the reasonable costs. Has it settled down now? Can anyone recommend it now please?

I personally would recommend AOL which is now owned by Talk Talk but he has been told by AOL that due to technical difficulties their cheaper offer is not available in his area! That I don't understand but must take their word for it.

  cocteau48 19:52 06 Sep 2007

I have had my problems with TalkTalk , especially around the unbundling period , but all have been resolved and I can say with complete honesty that as the end of my initial 18 month contract period approaches I shall not be looking to move to another ISP - the price is excellent - the broadband is stable - and only this morning we could not get incoming landline calls and it was repaired within two hours of my reporting it.
Can't say fairer than that.

  Miros 20:05 06 Sep 2007

That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. You couldn't ask for more.

  Miros 16:37 07 Sep 2007

My friend has been told by both AOL and TT that their normal rates in his area can not be applied.
I checked up myself with TT and was told that they don't have access to the BT exchange there and they would be charged by BT £15 a month for the line hence the extra charges. Now that seems excessive to me but I'm only repeating what I was told! Maybe this is one for Trading Standards?

The exchange happens to be in an area that has become known as the 'Golden Triangle of Cheshire' inhabited by a lot of Manchester's International football stars also a lot of TV stars and other wealthy inhabitants, in other words it has a very wealthy affluent population. Could it be that this is one of BT's most profitable areas and it's reluctant to let go?

I hasten to add my friend is not in the same league when it comes down to finance, he is on pension and lives in sheltered housing accommodation. Other than the occasional sighting in the high street he would have very little to do with any of them.

  woodchip 16:41 07 Sep 2007

Just gone live talktalk today and it's batting along at just over 6mb only problem I am having is setting up my Netscape Mail Program to get Mail from the server

  woodchip 16:43 07 Sep 2007

sounds like your line cannot be unbundles from the BT line. are you out in the sticks?

  Miros 16:52 07 Sep 2007

I'm not and I don't have the same problem.

I wouldn't say he is either he lives in Alderley Edge, don't know if you know it? a nice part of the world perhaps something like four or Five miles from Stockport and close to Macclesfield ( not that far from you I think?)

  cocteau48 17:01 07 Sep 2007

I know the area well as my mother in law lives in Knutsford
Have you checked out this from TT's website:

click here

  woodchip 17:06 07 Sep 2007

No I am other side of the hill from manchester side. Penistone between Sheffield and Huddersfield

  Miros 17:41 07 Sep 2007

Yes I did check that out and got a positive result but he my mate phoned up ( he is not yet on line) he was told about the extra charge for that area, later I phoned and received the same info as him. Knutsford know it well did lots of work in that area in days gone by.

Woodchip it's not that far were almost brothers
:-) I used to walk the Snake Pass to Shefield when I was a lad for the fun of it, wish I could do it now.

  koko 22:48 07 Sep 2007

had probs with talktalk from aug 06 finally sorted july 07 now back with BT with new phone no plusnet BB talktalk made such a mess of the exchange bt had no other way of getting us back on with our old number had to go through full ottelo complaints procedure . free advice
talk talk... run like hell

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