Talk Talk, I need a wireless router, any ideas?

  juveda1 16:42 30 Jun 2008

Ok my ISP is the wonderfull Talk Talk!!! Actually had nothing but problems with them.

My network:
3 P.C's, 1 with faulty LAN slot so USB is required. However the 2 are Ok for LAN and a PS3 wireless

Im currently using T/T's smartax mt882 router, with a BT Home hub and i had everything fine and after some playing about i even had NAT2 on my PS3. (some sort of miracle!!)

However after trying a new router (BT Business hub with the american firmware) and it not being compatible with talk talk (needs a certain product keyfor the router) my PS3 can no longer obtain an I.P, personally i just want 1 router/modem to do the lot hassle free, i know with T/T's cheap ass way of doing things il be very lucky, does anyone have any evidence of a router that can support my kind of network?? (2LAN,1USB + wireless)

I have read endless amount of forums on ppl having problems T/T, but my parents wont move cos its free!

So in a nutshell:
Talk Talk compatible Modem/Router, 2 LAN, 1USB (can have extra's) and wireless


  wjrt 17:21 30 Jun 2008
  wjrt 17:22 30 Jun 2008

look at the netgear should be ok

  howard64 17:46 30 Jun 2008

I have been with tt almost 2 years now and as long as you do not need tech support from them you are fine. The modem they supplied was total rubbish. I purchased a netgear dg834g version 3 with the wireless usb dongle. My 3 pcs are networked using the ehternet ports and when my daughter comes round with her laptop the wireless is switched on. Your pc without the ethernet port working could use the wireless usb dongle. My kit was on special offer from Amazon when I bought it. Just look around for the best price. All you have to do to set up the router is to put your tt [email protected] and the password they issued you with.

  juveda1 17:49 30 Jun 2008

Thanks for the fast response.

Ive looked therand when i have read reviews on T/T modems thers been problems with connectivity.

Do you have any knowledge of a Router/modem that will work with talk talk?
something lke maybe a netgear ******?

something i could pick up on ebay...

  juveda1 17:56 30 Jun 2008

edit, i posted that last reply at the same time as you howard, thanks for this,

il just hunt the world for a dg834g

What would you say about how user friendly it is? im ok without talk talks help, as the rubbish. so ive learnt a fair bit on my own using forums.


  mikesuther 06:05 04 Jul 2008

I understand the criticism that Talk Talk gets but in my own experience they have been very helpful and a very reliable service. I like to speak as i find, as for your problems. i have a soloution that you may want to consider. at the present time your usb connection would not be as fast as a lan port but you say it is broken on the PC. Why not insert a lan card into the PC this would then make choosing a router easier, that being said a good router that can do exactly what you want and that you can find cheap on ebay is a BT 1250. I had one of these for years and they are reliable. i have seen them on ebay for as littles as £15. personally though i would consider inserting the lan card as it s easy to do and will give you faster access. I hope this helps,PS Considering TT is free it is one of the best providers on the market and it brings the WWW to people who otherwise might not be able to afford it such as myself so if people are going to slate them just remember not everyone is rich!!!!

  Fried~Chips 23:48 29 Sep 2008

but the firmare on a DG834G v1 or v2 will need to be updated. The DG834G v3 is ready out of the box.

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