Talk Talk, I need a wireless router. Any ideas??

  juveda1 16:38 30 Jun 2008

Ok my ISP is the wonderfull Talk Talk!!! Actually had nothing but problems with them.

My network:
3 P.C's, 1 with faulty LAN slot so USB is required. However the 2 are Ok for LAN and a PS3 wireless

Im currently using T/T's smartax mt882 router, with a BT Home hub and i had everything fine and after some playing about i even had NAT2 on my PS3. (some sort of miracle!!)

However after trying a new router (BT Business hub with the american firmware) and it not being compatible with talk talk (needs a certain product keyfor the router) my PS3 can no longer obtain an I.P, personally i just want 1 router/modem to do the lot hassle free, i know with T/T's cheap ass way of doing things il be very lucky, does anyone have any evidence of a router that can support my kind of network?? (2LAN,1USB + wireless)

I have read endless amount of forums on ppl having problems T/T, but my parents wont move cos its free!

So in a nutshell:
Talk Talk compatible Modem/Router, 2 LAN, 1USB (can have extra's) and wireless


  juveda1 16:46 30 Jun 2008

Sorry i posted this in the wrong place, i have moved the post to the networking section

Can a mod please remove this post. thanks

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