Talk Talk good or bad ?

  Miros 19:10 25 Mar 2008

Can anyone recommend Talk Talk?

  mfletch 19:15 25 Mar 2008

I have been with them for over a year and never had any problems I get about 5mb speed FREE

So I;m happy with there service

  Sea Urchin 19:23 25 Mar 2008

Yes, I can. Been with them for two years in April, and have been very happy with both phone and b/band service ever since. In common with many people I found dealing with the Helpline a bit of a nightmare when getting set up, but luckily I have never had to call them since. And the speed improved greatly when I changed from USB to LAN connection.

  Miros 19:30 25 Mar 2008

Thanks. I have a 15 month contract with AOL at the moment but since their service has hit rock bottom and they are unable or will not correct the problem I think they are in breach of contract and that I can therefor get out of it.

CPW (Talk Talk)and AOL are one and the same it would seem, but not one and the same, together but not married :-) What a queer set up.

The Talk Talk sales rep said there would not be a problem switching and they offer a better deal.

  Miros 19:31 25 Mar 2008

Nothing but good news as yet, I like it!

  Stuartli 19:45 25 Mar 2008

AOL has retained its autonomy under CPW.

I've been with TalkTalk on the International3 Package for exactly two years - after one or two initial setbacks due to the sheer volume of take up of the offer, it's been fine ever since.

Speeds are around 6.2-6.8MB on average (LLU equipped exchange from last March after initially being on the 2MB service), whilst the financial savings are staggering.

  lotvic 19:46 25 Mar 2008

Been with TalkTalk for several years.
Very satisfied with BB and the (lack of) size of phone bills. Exchange is now unbundled so speed is up and I get Free phone calls (International 3 plan)

  cocteau48 20:05 25 Mar 2008

"Can anyone recommend Talk Talk?"....YES

  Miros 20:42 25 Mar 2008

All that remains is for me to cancel the contract that has been breached by AOL which shouldn't be to hard.

  Pererin 20:59 25 Mar 2008

Been with them about four years now, better than any others I tried. Setup was pretty good but as with them all it depends on who you get thro to if you need customer service, some are quite knowledgeable others just read a script. My bills are a lot lower and I very rearely have a problem, so yes they are ok in my view.

  Angry Kid 21:20 25 Mar 2008

I left AOL after suffering from their 'Customer Service' and went to Talk Talk on the same package as Stuartli.

I have been with them for around 10 months now and have no complaints whatsoever. Speed is good and also excellent customer service. The cost of the service is also a major plus factor.

Angry ;-)

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