talk talk broadband

  musopoet 14:45 21 Sep 2009

Thinking of changing to a Talk Talk Broadband package. However, have had trouble in the past with this company when I tried to cancel a mobile phone account.

Has anyone had recent dealings with them? Any difficulties with their packages?


  cocteau48 17:33 21 Sep 2009

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...only one of a number of similar threads if you care to search the forum.

  sunnystaines 17:58 21 Sep 2009

what the sales rep says is rubbish, the call centre in hull is mostly foreign workers who do not have a clue about their own products
see my thread in the process of moving to them
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I have the router and passwords now but cannot connect till sometime tomorrow when it is finally due to go live.
still waiting to hear if they are going to honour the free 6 phone & net offer.
if calling use the number at the end of the thread they are helpful there just as mentioned.
despite all the hassle they do offer a good deal.

  Stuartli 18:52 21 Sep 2009

I've never had any problems with TalkTalk as I keep pointing out (I suspect the home broadband and phone package side has little or no involvement with its mobile phones retail outlets division)...:-)

  FreMar 19:47 21 Sep 2009

I have been with talktalk since they started up. I did have a trouble getting hooked up to broadband at the time, but since then I've had no problem in getting any help or advice on the few times I've needed it. Their response time is very good. I get unlimited broadband connection, all local, national and international calls (all 1 hour duration if wanted) all for less than £22 per month. I can’t vouch for any mobile deals though.

  Stuartli 00:21 22 Sep 2009

As far as I'm aware, Carphone Warehouse (the mobile phones division) has no links with TalkTalk other than to accept orders for TalkTalk broadband and phone packages in its retail outlets.


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  tims31 11:14 22 Sep 2009

I've been with Talktalk for four years and the price you pay is excellent but I had an absolute nightmare getting connected when I moved home. They messed up the home move and it took 2 1/2 months to finally get connected up to broadband. The call centre staff were absolutly useless and just read from a script. If the problem is not on their script they don't understand. I finally went through the talktalk forum and had a moan their and it was connected within a week. I also managed to get a refund through the forum as they charged me for connection although I was already a customer.

Advice is, they are cheap and quick when all is working and I haven't had any problems since getting connected but if you have a problem, be prepared to hang on the phone for a long time (30-40 Mins)listening to poems being read in a loop and talking to someone who does not understand your problems!!

  musopoet 14:12 22 Sep 2009

Hanging on the phone for 30-40- mins! Jeeze! They have a FREE phone number I hope!

  woodchip 18:45 22 Sep 2009

It would take a lot to get me away from TalkTalk to another ISP

  Stuartli 20:41 22 Sep 2009

If you have a TalkTalk broadband package that includes the phone service then the customer care number is completely free (it ends with 1820) and always has been.

  musopoet 17:08 23 Sep 2009

I'm currently with BT for my land-line.

It seems that there have been delays hooking up to broadband with talk talk. Has this affected theland-line change too. I don't wish to be without my phone service!

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