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  The Teacher 23:00 31 Mar 2008

My Mother-in-Law has just started with this.

I set up her modem etc., and all seems fine except for one thing.

I can get any internet I want to, but when I go onto a page that requires a "sign in", e.g. catalogue, bank, etc., I get the white screen with "page cannot be displayed" message. It even does it for Yahoo Mail.

I know the pages work because I have been round with my laptop and mobile broadband, and done it. I have tested the same pages at home and they work. But they won't work with Talk Talk.

I have tried altering security settings and even set her machine up with the same settings as mine, knowing it works, but still to no avail.

Does anyone else use Talk Talk Broadband and have and fixed this problem? Or does anyone know of a fix to this so I don't have to call Talk Talk for her?

Ta in advance.

The Teacher

  johnnyrocker 23:15 31 Mar 2008



  The Teacher 23:20 31 Mar 2008

Thanks, but checked it.

I put her security settings the same as what I have for my PC (BT Broadband) and for my laptop (T-Mobile mobile broadband) because I know the pages work on those.

I checked with signing in for the bank etc., on my PC and laptop to make sure and then tried on hers, with no joy.

The Teacher

  brundle 23:23 31 Mar 2008

MTU problem click here or some bits of Windows need repairing; click here

  woodchip 23:25 31 Mar 2008

Yes set router to 1432 MTU, no more or you will have problems with Talk Talk

  Stuartli 23:34 31 Mar 2008

TalkTalk works exactly the same as with any other ISP, but in some instances if the MTU is not correctly configured there can be problems with some web pages or sending e-mail attachments.

It doesn't apply in every case but, if it does, then configuring the modem router to an MTU figure of 1432 solves the problem - as I discovered by chance about three months ago after coming across this beta page:

click here

Much of the explanation appears to be down to the fact that CPW, after it took over AOL, decided to use some of AOL's technical aspects ISP wise.

If you use the Connect 'n Go CD-ROM then the 1432 figure is automatically configured.

However, I'd been using TalkTalk on an MTU of 1478 for at least 18 months (and eight months on LLU) before this problem arose....:-(

  01oleary 03:32 01 Apr 2008

Ok, I have Talk Talk and it is complete rubbish, mine disconnects all the time for no reason. My only tip for you is to go with a nother provider and get off Talk Talk ASAP !!

  kdt 07:39 01 Apr 2008

my aol mtu set 1400

  Stuartli 18:35 01 Apr 2008

One or two routers won't work/not work properly with TalkTalk. See:

click here

  01oleary 18:03 12 Apr 2008

Even when i'm just using the normal ethernet connected modem which is supplied from talktalk for Vista users, it still disconnects alot. Its shit, Thats why its free.

  Stuartli 18:36 12 Apr 2008

Sorry, but my TalkTalk International3 package is top notch...:-)

You appear to have some area of your configuration or setup incorrect.

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