talk talk broadband

  logrin 16:12 16 Jan 2007

I am already using talk talk as my telephone supplier, is their broadband system OK.
I am at present using madasafish, no problems except I can't seem to get their 8 mB connection.
talk talk started off with bad reports,have their problems been ironed out. logrin

  Stuartli 16:17 16 Jan 2007

You've nothing to lose although it might take a while to connect you...:-)

Best bet is to switch from a basic TalkTalk phone service to the TalkTalk3 International package (at £9.99 and not £8.99, which forfeits free international calls) plus the £11 BT line rental which TT pays on your behalf.

You get AnyTime UK calls to local, 01 and 02 prefix numbers, free international calls to 28 countries including Europe, Australia and the States, plus free broadband.

  cocteau48 16:58 16 Jan 2007

I have had TT broadband since last September. Before Local Loop Unbundling at the local exchange this were running smoothly. Post LLU I endured about three weeks when things were very poor. The service was there but could not be said to be reliable by any means especially at peak times.
They then changed my USB modem for a SmartAX router and after a settling in period it has turned out to be excellent. OK it drops out occasionally (and reconnects almost immediately)but I think a lot of ISP's are prone to much the same.
I should be getting "up to" 8 Meg but because of the distance from the exchange actually get a fairly constant 3.5 Meg which I find suits me.Just do not expect 8 Meg just because that is what they say you "might" get.
I have also had a letter from TT laying the blame for the post LLU breakdown in service firmly at the door of the BT Openreach engineers who carried out the changeover.So they are fighting back.
I have also kept an eye on a couple of the anti-TT blog sites and it would appear that recently the complaints have been getting far fewer.

Overall I think that they are getting their act together and I am glad that I stuck with them - just be prepared that things may not go smoothly straight away.
Oh - and be polite with them it does get results.

  JayDay 17:02 16 Jan 2007

Their customer service is the worst I have ever known. My transfer to them was a complete nightmare.

Having said that now I'm connected the BB service is good, stable and reliable. And I'm saving a tenner a month to boot.

Go for it just don't expect it to go smoothly and you won't be disappointed.

Hopefully taking over AOL might help get their customer service sorted out.

  Rtus 17:10 16 Jan 2007

thats the only bit I didnt like So far change to AOL layout /merger. Yuk. for me service has been there every time I want it to be.however LLU hasnt happened yet for me (pay additional £10) but hopefully not forever,have the option to shop around soon as min contract period isnt that far off.

  5starred 21:09 28 Jan 2007

I was looking at the talk talk package for £29.99 a month which includes calls anytime free to 01 and 02 numbers up to 1 hour I think and also if I pay an extra £1 an international number. Broadband is included so I think this a fairly good deal. I am with BT at the moment and currently pat £30 for BT option 3 and an extra £23.99 for 1mb broadband. They now tell they can upgrade my to 1.5mb. Is the speed likely to be any slower with talk talk? This would be a big saving for me. I currently use a BT Voyager 2100-01 am I right in thinking I could still use this?

  Jak_1 21:14 28 Jan 2007

My brother-in-law went with TT a few months ago, wishes he hadn't now. He has constant problems getting a connection.

  Stuartli 23:44 28 Jan 2007

You need to check out out the TT packages with a little more care.

The TalkTalk3 International3 package is £20.99 and includes free broadband, Anytime UK calls (01 and 02 prefixes) and free Anytime calls to 28 countries including the States, Canada, Australia and Europe, plus the £11 BT line rental.

If you opt for the £1 cheaper per month package you lose the free international calls - not one of life's greatest decisions...:-)

Until next month I'm on 2MB with TT and it's not only spot on for such a service, but also faster and more consistent than my previous Tiscali equivalent.

  Stuartli 23:45 28 Jan 2007

TalkTalk pays the £11 BT line rental on your behalf (it almost certainly nets a small amount out of the payment), so a monthly charge of £20.99 is remarkable value.

I used to pay Tiscali £14.99 a month just for 2MB broadband.

  Stuartli 23:47 28 Jan 2007

...before I'm due to go onto the LLU service...

As I'm only 580 yards from the local BT exchange I'm hoping for much faster connections.

  Migwell 01:00 29 Jan 2007

Im with TT and have been since last June. I have had no problems (oh) careful what I say, other than the origonal setup to TT, which was down to tiscali my previous isp pulling the plug before they were meant to do so. This left me with no internet for over 1 week. But I am Very happy with the result, saving lots of money I was paying about £55.00 per month for my line, calls and BB. now paying about £24.00 for the lot, calls included. I am still on 1mb and don't know when I get the LLU but I can't complain as I am saving the money, the faster speed will be nice when I get it but in the mean time I sharnt cry. Best thing I ever did was making the move to TT.

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