Talk talk and Belkin router

  Shelle02 21:42 02 Oct 2006

Please bear with me as this is rather long winded!!

Basically, we changed from Freeserve to Talk Talk and connected to Broadband via their supplied modem with no probs. We then changed from their modem to our wireless router (Belkin) that we had been using prior to changing to Talk Talk. Again no problems until 2 weeks later. We lost our connection for 24 hours and then all of a sudden it was back! It happened again 2 days later, but this time for 4 days.

To cut a long story short, we sometimes had a connection and sometimes we didnt! Everytime we talked on the phone (to Talk Talk and Belkin) we retrieved the connection and think everyting is hunky dory. Then we would lose it again! Finally we decided to disconnect the router and reinstall the modem that Talktalk sent.

That resulted in getting a connection and keeping it! We then managed to get Belkin to send us a brand new router to establish if there was something wrong with the original one (even though was working up to day of new ISP). We deinstalled the modem again, and installed the new router. No problems until 4 days later when all the old problems are creeping back. At the mo, we can get connection back by restarting router etc, but dont know how long this will last and whether it will go off totally like last time.

As we want the router connected so that we can use a laptop as well, we need to resolve what is wrong. How can we establish wthat the problem is? We have a filter on everything in the house including the phone socket (via an extension). I assume the problem has to be one of 3 things - the router, the line or talk talk??? I even wondered if talk talk is compatable with the belkin router (no idea if that is a feasible issue or not?). Do we need to get a test done to the line (presumably by Talk Talk?)?

I cant figure out why it works fine with the modem, but not the router??

I have looked around on the forum and came across one thing that I wondered was relevant. When we installed the router, we ticked automatic ISP (as advised by both talk talk and belkin). I noticed it included a list of ISPs but not Talk talk and we had to select other. The DNS prim and secondary servers that is indicated on our settings is and, but the post I found says it should be and One of our phone calls previously with talk talk said the numbers should be and

How can I clarify what numbers these should be? Is this what is casuing our problems?

I am really at my wits end as to how to resolve this, as Talk Talk and Belkin blame each other and wont take things to the next level.

What should we eliminate next???

Help please

  ade.h 22:00 02 Oct 2006

You say that you think it can be one of only three things, but your description sugests that the router is not being set up correctly. If you are using the wizard, don't, because you don't want the ISP list. You should not be entering any DNS data - where an automatic DNS option is available, it needs to be used.

You didn't do yourself any favours by joining Talk Talk, but I suppose you know that already.

  Shelle02 16:34 03 Oct 2006

We didnt enter any DNS data as this was brought up automatically. We did the settings by going to the belkin page and following belkins instructions.

Is there another way??

Yes we know Talk Talk are doing badly, but in fact if you disregard the router problems, their service is fine. As rgards their helplines, I have the same problem whatever ISP I have been with, so Talk Talk are no different. At the end of the day, once this issue has been resolved, we are saving a considerable amount of money with their package a month which is good in my eyes!

  ade.h 17:23 03 Oct 2006

If TT tells you one set of IPs and the router detects another, then something's up. I don't know who to believe, but the router would be more likely because it can actually pick them up, whereas a call centre operative is only as good as the information that he is given. Depending on the router model and revision, you are probably going to find that manually entering DNS addresses goes hand in hand with manually entering the default IP, and you can only do that if your ISP provides a static IP as part of the service. Is your IP static or dynamic?

  Peants68 23:41 03 Oct 2006

Hi, I had similar problems with 'Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router' after changing from a supplied (wired) modem from my ISP.

You have to get your settings from Talk Talk for the WAN Connection in the Belkin setup.

1. Type -In UK I believe it is PPPoA
2. User Name and Password
3. IP assigned by ISP - should be Yes
5. Encapsulation
6. Dial on Demand box should be Blank (My Belkin Router does NOT work with Dial UP - I presume you have an always on connection contract with Talk Talk).
7. MTU

Your IP address comes from Belkin.

Your DNS address from Talk Talk (or might be automatic from them).

Despite (all) the correct settings the Router is no good if out of range of the PC or on a "duff" telephone line. Are there concrete walls between the PC and Router? Have you had TalkTalk check the incoming telephone line?

I sustituted a Belkin Wireless USB Network Adapter with a Wireless Desktop Network (PCI) Card and then had no problems on range.

Your router will work when set up correctly but
watch the range. I think Belkin are weak in this direction.

  ade.h 15:38 04 Oct 2006

"I think Belkin are weak in this direction" - On the contrary, I tend to opt for a Belkin if range may be an issue and there is no option but 802.11g.

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