talk talk

  LAPTOPBABE 23:04 22 Mar 2007

My brother keeps losing the internet. He's with talk talk, does anyone know why?

  Stuartli 23:39 22 Mar 2007

Based on your thread, no.

  Stuartli 23:41 22 Mar 2007

I mean, of course, that far more details need to be provided to have any possible solution.

  woodchip 23:42 22 Mar 2007

could be any number of things. like a bad line if it a bt line. or bad extension wire etc

  rodriguez 23:54 22 Mar 2007

It could just be Talk Talk's service - I have Sky Broadband and the service is pretty poor. It always cuts off then comes back on again after a bit. Is this what's happening with yours?

  LAPTOPBABE 08:53 23 Mar 2007

Yes, thats exactly what happens. Since I set it all up just before christmas it has gone off loads and then comes back like nothing has happened. There is no internet light on on his router, and it is connected correctly as its always been with an ethernet cable connected by a shortish lead to the main pc. The router is close to the main bt socket nad has a fliter in place, )this has been replaced just in case it was that). The laptop is seeing the router correctly. It is just talk talk I am sure, and I wish they would get it sorted as my brother and his daughter then start messing with everything thinking it is something they can put right,(they don't know what they are doing), and then when talk talk works again I have to go down and but everything back to normal!! We live in York in postcode YO31, anyone any ideas?

  Stuartli 08:59 23 Mar 2007

I've had TalkTalk for just under a year. I've never suffered from internet drop outs - in fact it's a very stable and consistent connection and that applies to both the 2MB original and current "up to 8MB".

  JayDay 10:00 23 Mar 2007

My experience is the same as Stuartli. TT have the worst customer service ever, but the connection has been stable and hassle free.

  rodriguez 12:26 23 Mar 2007

If there is no internet light on his router, then it's not connecting to any DSL service. This would point to a line fault, so it's probably a good idea to get them to test it when it next goes off (if they test it while it's on, they will probably just say there's no problem with the line).

  dom dom 18:19 21 May 2007

I still fighting with Talk Talk.....
The internet line keep dropping. I thought was an ouside extension so spent £60 to fix it... surprie the line was ok for a while and than drops againg and again. I can get the line back to normal [if lucky] by rebooting the router, but somtimes after 3 or 4 attemp. Customers service: useless.
Keep saying that the problem could be the router and the setting. I have read other forum regarding Talk talk and their router [Smartax] and people still experiencing same problem.
So Talk Talk is the cheapest deal on he market [£21,99 internet and phone pm]....if pay peanuts you get monkeys!

  cocteau48 19:17 21 May 2007

I am right with Stuartli and JayDay on this one.
TalkTalk are OK but the customer service is non existant.
Our exchange is right between two major comprehensive schools with 2000 to3000 kids all getting home at around 16.00. Even if a small percentage of that number all hit their keypads at the same time it puts a strain on the exchange and if I am going to get a dropout that is when it will invariably happen.

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