A tale of 3 Viruses, Norton 2003 & AVG

  TopBloke37 19:23 24 Aug 2004

Hi guys, just thought I'd share this with you. While attempting to visit Wannado's home page on IE I must have accidentally mistyped the address and it came up with the page not found/temp user files page whereupon my Norton alert immediately flashed up I had 3 Trojans - counter.class, matrix.class & parser.class. I did the full scan and it duly found the 3 viruses but said it was unable to remove them. In the process it seemed to disable the "auto protect" feature on Norton and it wouldn't let me re-apply it.
So i tried the McAfee "Stinger" as often mentioned on these pages. This failed to even find a single virus! So i decided to download the free AVG to see if that could seek and destroy and it duly did! I then re-ran a full system scan on Norton and again it found the 3 infected files but this time was able to delete and remove them from my system.
So basically the moral is, be careful with spelling when typing web address into your browser, and if Norton can't obliterate them then AVG hopefully will. So anyway alls well that ends well, I now have the 2 anti-virus programs sitting happily alongside each other, with auto-enable once again functioning and trust I wont get infected again!

  sattman 19:32 24 Aug 2004


Pleased to hear that you successfully sorted your problem.

Unfortunately and whilst I hate to deflate your understanderable euphoria,it is not reccommended that you run two anti virus programmes on one computer.

They will conflict and give problems.

  TopBloke37 19:52 24 Aug 2004

Thanks but did successfully run AVG & Norton alongside each other, even had Zone Alarm on there for a time too on a previous machine and no conflicts were evident at all, just all good extra protection.

  sattman 20:34 24 Aug 2004

It is generally accepted that a firewall should always be run alongside any Antivirus Software.

As you will be aware Zone Alarm is a firewall and not an anti virus. It would be expected to be installed and protecting

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 24 Aug 2004

counter.class matrix.class and parser.class are all part of the sun java console.

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