taking vista off protected mode

  smithers jones 13:38 17 Feb 2008


Can anyone give me a basic answer as to how risky it would be to remove the protected mode on vista.

My son wants to download/use a disney online gaming product that will not work on vista, but gives instructions that it would be useable if protected mode was removed (it does not recommend this though)

  recap 16:15 17 Feb 2008

You can turn off protected mode in the Security settings of IE7.

  Technotiger 16:42 17 Feb 2008
  smithers jones 11:31 18 Feb 2008

thanks for those, but I was looking for a general comment on someone who knows more than I do about vista as to how important protected mode is.

ie. if I turn it off what are the possible consequences?


  anskyber 11:34 18 Feb 2008
  Technotiger 12:50 18 Feb 2008

Personally I think Vista Protected Mode (UAC) is rubbish, just Bill G scaremongering in order to get even more squillions in his pocket!

After all, what is PC Security? IMHO it is all down to the user. How come XP is supposed to be less secure than Vista? I use XP Home and am on-line just about all day every day, in recent years, since becoming more familiar with PC workings, I have never had any problems at all regarding Virus/Malware/Adware and all the other rubbish floating about on the ether - but I like to think that I am protected, by my own common sense.

  palinka 17:01 18 Feb 2008

"Uncle Bill" is covering his own back - there's no magic about "protected mode". Keep your antivirus fully up to date, run regular checks with anti-malware software, and turn off protected mode if you need to to use YOUR pc for what YOU want to do.

  smithers jones 17:14 18 Feb 2008

thanks to all who replied.

after years of running xp with relatively no problems ironically I've had more problems with vista and I've only had it a few months

thanks again

  Sea Urchin 17:15 18 Feb 2008

Hear Hear - couldn't agree more

  Ashrich 19:52 18 Feb 2008

" but I like to think that I am protected, by my own common sense."

Which unfortunately many people haven't got , which is why thousands , maybe millions , of PC's can be called on by spammers to become bots and spam the world ...and why I spend a lot of time removing serious malware from peoples PC's .

Those of us who are familiar with computers , and have been for many years , can use them safely with a minimum of security because we know what we are doing , but the PC has become an essential home commodity for adults and children alike , who know how to turn them on and surf , play and rip music and get on to MSN , but don't know the intricacies of how and why it all works . THESE are the ones who need protecting from themselves and why things like UAC are necessary .


  Technotiger 20:12 18 Feb 2008

Well commented, and point taken - off course I don't just rely on common sense, I do in addition have all the usual security programs too!

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