Taking out and putting back an ink cart

  Muckleface 16:06 17 Oct 2004

I've always understood that I shouldnt take an ink cartridge out and then put the same cartridge back in, but my brother didnt know this and has done just that!

The black ink wasnt printing right so he took the cartridge out and put it straight back in again. He then printed a document and the black ink was fine.

Should I leave the ink cartridge in there or should I take it out again and put a new one in? :S


  MoiraB 16:10 17 Oct 2004

Doesn't sound as if it's done any harm and the cartridge obviously isn't empty so leave well alone until it runs out.

  Djohn 16:27 17 Oct 2004

Couple of years back when I had an Epson 600 printer [Excellent printer] It would need a head clean quite often if not used for a while.

To save loss of ink in the lengthy cleaning process I would remove both the black and colour cartridges, insert cleaning cartridges, do the head clean then replace both ink cartridges. No problems were caused by doing this over a period of some two years.

  Dorsai 16:47 17 Oct 2004

many modern ink tanks have a smart chip in them. Take the tank out, put another tank in, use it for a bit, put the old tank back, and the chip in the tank reports back on the status of the old tank.

the 'ink left' data is stored in the chip in the tank.

But the software working out how much ink left ( and storing this on the chip in the tank) tends to work on the conservative side. after all saying it's empty when it is still 25% full works in the printer makers advantege. you buy a new tank. they make money on the tank you buy.

But if they got it wrong, and said the tank was 25% full, and it was empty, you would knacker the printheads on your printer, and ask for a new one, under warranty...."it said I had ink left so i used it, and the printer now does not work/died..."

marketing + a technolighy that cant cope with running out of ink. Imagine a printer that killed it'self if it ran out of paper....but the makers can work out how to tell if no paper left, and get it 100% right...sIf no paper, it stops, till more paper added...

But with the ink, still a gues-timate...


  Wak 19:10 17 Oct 2004

Hi Jordan, With a Lexmark printer, if you remove the cartridge and then replace it, the printer will ask you "is it a new cartridge or have you used it before?".
If it is a new one it will reset the ink level.
If it is an old one it will leave the ink level alone.
Having said that it is possible that the cartridges will need to be re-aligned so that the colour and black cartridges are in unison when used together.

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