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  AdventCalendar 21:32 13 Jan 2003
  AdventCalendar 21:32 13 Jan 2003


I know alot of people do it, but i was just wondering.

when you take your laptop through aiport security, is it ok to put it through the xray machine things, or do you have it inspected?? whats the score with it???

many thanks

  graham 21:35 13 Jan 2003

Airport Security will leave you in no doubt as to your options!

  AdventCalendar 21:41 13 Jan 2003

that clears it up graham.

so is it ok to go through such machines??

  graham 21:48 13 Jan 2003

You are not allowed to take electrical equipment as hand luggage. If it is detected they will confiscate it. Whether it is damaged by x-rays is then hypothetical. Sorry.

  jay123 21:49 13 Jan 2003

I know of a laptop which has been all over the world on buisness in the past year, and it still works as badly as the day it was recieved! Its jsut come back from canada and goes to The US on monday! Clever thing!
Hope this helps


  AdventCalendar 21:50 13 Jan 2003

so how do business man take them on trips???

seen it done hundreds of times.

I know they can go on, just wanna know will the xrays do anything to my laptop?

  mikeyb59 22:27 13 Jan 2003


If you look at any airline website you will see that all passengers are advised to take laptops as hand luggage.

As I understand it the current generation of X-ray machines will do no harm.

I can't comment on laptops but my mobile phone has been X-rayed on numerous occasions and it still works fine!

Relax - don't worry about it!

  mikeyb59 22:31 13 Jan 2003


Sorry, should have said, if you want to take your laptop on a plane, take it. You will only have a problem if it is turned on when taking off or landing.

Consult the cabin crew regarding use in-flight.

  northamuk 22:32 13 Jan 2003

There was a thread about this some time ago - forget about trying to find it though! The gist of it was that XRay machines do no harm.

  AdventCalendar 22:38 13 Jan 2003

thanks everyone :-)

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