Take a look at my site,

  jg1990 16:33 06 Mar 2005

I've posted before asking for various comments about my site when I designed it in FrontPage 2002.

I now have the Macromedia mx 2004 suite so I have had a go at redesigning it in Dreamweaver. I've only done the first page at the moment as I want to make sure it's ok before I use it as a template for the rest of the site.

Here is the site: click here

Please post your comments.

Many Thanks, James

  smudge101 17:01 06 Mar 2005

I have had a look at you site and the homepage looks to be well laid out. I like the colour scheme, it is not too fussy or overdone as some sites are.
I hope you can fit all of your content in the space you have left for yourself. if not you may spoil your 'uncluttered' look.
The only constructive feedback I can give is the text on the button could be a size larger for me.
Overall though, I like it!

  powerless 17:09 06 Mar 2005

"All information, text and pictures,..."

To use a small font size as it distratcs me from the content of the site and the bits you really want us to see.

  jg1990 17:13 06 Mar 2005

many thanks for your comments!

I had a feeling that the writing on the buttons was a little on the small size, now you've confirmed that. Needless to say I've increased the font size!

Once again many thanks,


  jg1990 16:59 07 Mar 2005

Does any else have anymore advice?

  LeadingMNMs 17:13 07 Mar 2005

The page doesn't display correctly at 1280 x 1024. At this resolution you can see about another half of a button to the right of the initial one, and the button text is no longer centered over the center of the first button. (I know, I haven't made much sense but hopefully it will make some sense).

The whole page is also not centered at this resolution, although its not too far off.

Obviously you have designed the site with a resolution of 1024, and it seems to display fine at that resolution. All depends on whether you want to accomodate people like me :)

  LeadingMNMs 17:18 07 Mar 2005

Hopefully a screenshot will make it more clear what I mean click here (cropped to reduce size, but resolution was 1280 x 1024).

  jg1990 17:49 07 Mar 2005

I see what you mean!

As you have gathered, I have indeed designed the site with a resolution of 1024.

The menu buttons appear like that as the image was set as a background, so when the cell size is increased more image is required to fill it. I'll look into a way to fix this.

As for it not being centered I don't really have a clue. In dreamweaver I just selected the whole table to be centralized, so that may just apply to my resolution (1024x768), if that makes sense!

Many Thanks, James

  LeadingMNMs 18:06 07 Mar 2005

I think the problem is probably the mixture of fixed pixel widths and percentage widths. At the moment the table is set to occupy 75% of the screen width, and contains banner images with a fixed width of 710px. The first column of the table is 26% of the table width. Its probably best in this case to use pixel sizes, setting the table to occupy about 715px, and the first column to occupy about 180px.

  Pesala 18:59 07 Mar 2005

The navigation buttons take up too much space. I would reduce the width to a half or two/thirds.

  LeadingMNMs 21:11 07 Mar 2005

Also, there is a stylesheet 'rule' that stops background images repeating, however I have been unable to find anything suitable for plain HTML (I don't know it that well).

Looking at you code I'd have recommended that you used CSS to control the layout and various bits, since your code seems to have alot of repeated code. However, I assume that you don't know HTML and CSS and the code has been completely created with Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver can be used to create Cascading Stylesheets, but I'm not familiar enough with it to know where to start.

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