take laptop to canada - how do I power it?

  rohar 21:16 02 Jul 2004


I want to take my mesh laptop to canada - so that I can download the any, many pictures I will take.

What do I need to run it from the canada mains electricity - the ****** won't hold a charge and has to be run from the mains all the time.

  Salinger 21:22 02 Jul 2004

Have a look at it and see if is dual voltage 110/220. If it isn't you an buy an inexpensive step UP transformer to convert 110v to 220v.

  jonnytub 21:23 02 Jul 2004

if it is an up to date lappy you may even have a slider switch that will allow you to choose from 110v to 230/240v

  Meshuga 21:23 02 Jul 2004

Would suggest a new battery to start with. Meshuga.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 02 Jul 2004

Have a look on the back of your mains adapater and see what the input is? It may be variable from 110v to 220v AC, it will also give an output (approx 12v DC)if variable then you only need an adapter plug (2 pin). If it is only 230v ac then you will need a complete mains adapter for USA /Canada look on mesh web site

  rohar 21:39 02 Jul 2004

everyone - thank you - this is looking easier than I thought.

It says 100 - 240 input and 19v output - looks good.

I have loads of the standard adapters from 3 pin to 2 pin - I have used them for hairdryers, irons and portable cd players ..

I thought that a computer would be 'special' - there never seems to be a cheap or easy way to do anything. But it looks like I already have all the things I need.

Thanks for help and speedy response. I', going to the Calgery stampede, the glaciers and whitewater rafting ... You can understand why I want to get it right first time.

To be on the safe side I'll buy a new battery as well. Once in a lifetime - really is..

Thank again


  Salinger 21:55 02 Jul 2004

Have a good trip, enjoy yourself!

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