Tagasaurus trojan

  hiwatt 20:36 12 Dec 2007

Hi folks,I've just done a scan with spybot s&d after updating and it found this trojan.Has anyone else had this?It ususally finds nothing and I was wondering if it was a false positive after the update?Thanks.

  SANTOS7 20:47 12 Dec 2007

click here

certainly not false positive, more importantly Spybot does not completely get rid of it...

  hiwatt 11:40 13 Dec 2007

I've done a scan with a fully updated version of avg and it didn't find it and more importantly how could avg have let it in in the first place?I'm not sure where this could have came from as I use the mainly the same sites all the time?Thanks.

  birdface 12:32 13 Dec 2007

As a precaution if downloading from Santos's click here.Do not run it just download it to your desktop right click it and scan it with your A/Virus before running it.It is a suspect site so you cannot be to careful out there.

  hiwatt 11:20 15 Dec 2007

Hi folks,I'm not sure of the next step to take.There have been no pop ups atall,I've scanned with avg and it found nothing and after rescanning with spybot it also found nothing.There have been no visable signs of this virus but spybot did pick it up.What should I do?Thankyou.

  hiwatt 13:07 16 Dec 2007

Hi folks,I tried spyhunter from the above link and this didn't find tagasaurus either.It did find several items called DYFuca and avenue media that none of my other programs have found.Do you think I really have this tagasaurus?Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

  birdface 13:42 16 Dec 2007
  birdface 13:45 16 Dec 2007
  birdface 13:50 16 Dec 2007

Looks like you have something in there that should not be.But maybe better waiting for someone that can give you the proper advice as to what to do next.There is always the Malware Forum to post to.They will make sure whether your computer is clean or not.

  hiwatt 14:05 16 Dec 2007

Do you not find it strange that avg antispyware,superantispyware,spybot s&d and avg antivirus all find nothing but this spyhunter(which requires money to remove them)does?Thanks.

  birdface 14:16 16 Dec 2007

Yes.You would have thought that one of those would have picked it up.Have you tried ,Run.Search.And typed both names one at a time to see if they are actually on your computer.I think avenue media is only a cookie,

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