Tablets that can take MS Office

  Damarc 19:36 01 Apr 2013

I'm currently looking at Acer Iconia W510 but I want MS Office Home and Business on it. This is probably a daft question but does it have to be downloaded through the ether or is there another way?

  northumbria61 12:55 02 Apr 2013

Take a look at the Features & Apps section in this review - there it says "the W510 doesn’t come with a full-fledged word processor" and then read the paragraph which begins "One solution to that"

enter link description here

  Woolwell 13:17 02 Apr 2013
  wee eddie 13:18 02 Apr 2013

Once the Surface Pro is in the market and the manufacturers get some idea of the potential of that market, I think there will be a slew of Tablets capable of running normal PC Programs.

Outlook is my main point of interaction with my extended contact base and I cant wait for the Tablet that allows me to phone them at the push of a button, obviously using a Bluetooth headset, or similar.

I don't wish to enter 500+ Contacts into my phone, every time I replace it.

  Damarc 15:36 02 Apr 2013

To WeeEddie

I was intending to get the Surface Pro but am getting fed up of waiting and also think the cost will be around a grand with all its bells, by the time it comes out. I've got another secondary question which is relevant to phones and tablets. I've heard that you can tether your tablet to your phone by bluetooth and then use the 3g internet connection through your phone when wifi isn't available even with a non 3g tablet. Is that correct? I don't do enough travelling to warrant a 3g contract specifically for the tablet so this would be useful and as my phone contract is coming to an end shortly I want to take full advantage of both if possible.

  wee eddie 18:09 02 Apr 2013

Damarc: I'm afraid that's above my pay-scale but Downloading via a Phone is said to be notoriously expensive, so be careful.

  AroundAgain 18:27 02 Apr 2013

Hi Damarc

I have a Blackberry Playbook, which I find great, even though I don't have a BB phone. It is wifi only, so not 3 or 4G contract etc.

Yes, I do sometimes link it to the internet, using Bluetooth on tablet and phone, using my Galaxy S3 Data as a 'Hot Spot'. I have no experience with other tablets though I would expect some/all will do this.

One thing that was suggested to me is that not all carriers will let you Tether/HotSpot on your mobile data allowance so it would be worth making sure that it's ok to do this rather than incur huge charges or, in fact, the ability to be blocked.

Good luck

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