Tablet wont install driver - what can I do??

  laptopdunce 02:46 13 Apr 2014

I have just got (in The Netherlands) a 10" tablet, it is called a Cherry 1023Q (sold in a chain store called kruidvat in The Netherlands) it is an Android 4.2.2 - the tablet itself does work, but I cant get it to connect to the laptop (to transfer photos etc to it) it says that there is no driver for this tablet - I just dont know what to do! I have clicked on the "fix issues" menu that comes up and right clicked on the icon that appears in the devices and printers from the start menu on my laptop, it does show a drive icon with 1023Q on it and a big yellow triangular board on it with an exclamation mark on it (so it seems it has kinda recognized the tablet) but when I right click on this icon and click on "troubleshoot" it runs the check for drivers install but them comes up with "no driver for 1023" - I just dont know what to do - Why do I always get this sh*t!! should I take this tablet back to the store?? or is there a fix?? I never had any of this trouble when I bought a Yarvik tablet last year (a Brand quite common in The Netherlands) - thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  mole1944 06:47 13 Apr 2014

You could take it back for a refund to the shop, or can you transfer your pictures via blue tooth just pair your tablet up with your laptop and try that, otherwise looks like a money back job,in future let your motto be "buy cheap buy twice". I have a 10" Samsung nice piece of kit and works fine, just thought are your pictures on a micro sd care take that out put in into an adapter and shove that into your laptop,pictures will be in a folder something like dcim then camera.

  Woolwell 10:28 13 Apr 2014

Have you read the manual Google search should be near the top in Dutch. Couldn't post a direct link. Try page 8 and go step by step.

I doubt that it needs drivers. Disconnect tablet, reboot laptop and try a different USB port.

  laptopdunce 11:27 13 Apr 2014

HI Woolwell, so glad I posted a request on this forum!! Yes, you are right, I can read the Dutch manual and it is really the same as the TINY little thing that came with the tablet, that I can only read with a HUGE magnifying glass (seen this alot with this stuff, a TINY TINY cheap printed thing supplied with the manual - I think in future I will by a proper market leader brand!! I only just had a heap of SH*T that I bought last week in UK on ebay off a chinese seller, it was refunded and sent back with a prepaid download postage label - but I had to do a real Joan Crawford - Dont Fk with me Fellas and get ebay & paypal to kick them up the ae!! a seller in Cardiff on ebay - SO BEWARE!!!) Anyway the USB logo isnt appearing in the bottom right corner, as shown on the diagrams in that manual!! BUT the USB icon showed at the TOP LEFT CORNER of the screen!! - so it was very confusing, I simply didnt see it as I was only looking where the manual tell you to look in the bottom right! - anyway it is working now, and I can transfer my photos, thank alot!! - By the way there is another little programme that I remember that I had to download for my Yarvik 7" tablet, because some of my photo files were all jumbled up, (a file of before & after decorating photos, so need to show the "before" first then the final "after" results for the best effect, I cant remmeber that was called, it made it possible to show them in ascending DATE order, shall I post another question about this or would someone know what I should use? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE - I must now email A.s. Watson who own Kruidvat and tell them its all OK after all. thanks again.

  Woolwell 11:31 13 Apr 2014

Glad it is sorted.

Cannot help with your photo order. Perhaps a different thread?

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