Tablet with ethernet port

  Skinn 18:51 05 Apr 2012

Does anyone know of a tablet with such a port? If so could you provide make/model details.

Thanks in advance

  Nontek 18:57 05 Apr 2012

enter link description here

There are others, all you need do is Google!

  Skinn 12:34 06 Apr 2012

Under "cons" - no ethernet port??

  bremner 12:47 06 Apr 2012

The ethernet port is in the docking keyboard station.

No tablet is going to have an ethernet port and still really be a tablet. My iPad is half the thickness of an ethernet port.

A tablet with a built in ethernet port is a netbook/laptop ;o)

  Ian in Northampton 13:30 06 Apr 2012

Bremner: not 100% true... :-) I have a no-name Android tablet, and it came with an adaptor that allowed you to plug an Ethernet cable in. So, strictly speaking, you're right - but a cable connection to a tablet is eminently possible.

  Skinn 13:46 06 Apr 2012

What I'm looking for is an internet device that will be used occasionally by an an adult & child, connecting to the internet via fixed-line broadband to avoid 3G/WI-FI radiation.

Would the model mentioned be suitable do you think?

  Ian in Northampton 14:48 06 Apr 2012

It looks as if it should be...

  birdface 07:07 09 Apr 2012

Skin Bad site that you posted.Best not downloading anything from it till you scan with your security programs first.

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