bluebelladog 11:20 25 May 2012

Hi I have got a ARNOVA 7bG2 tablet and I also have a TP-Link Wireless Modem Router TD-W8960N with the latest firmware, the tablet shows it is connected to my network but I cannot access the internet there is no problem with my desktop internet, any help much appreciated Thankyou

  Woolwell 12:05 25 May 2012

Different tablet but I wonder if the solution offered would work for you Previous thread

  bluebelladog 16:33 25 May 2012

Thankyou woolwell looked at that thread you gave to me tried two of the suggestions the only thing I could not find was anywhere on the modems setup to alter the parameters that the modem supports

Thanks will keep on trying

  Woolwell 21:07 25 May 2012

I've checked and the Arnova isn't n standard. You can check whether your router is broadcasting on b and g by entering its configuration and then Wireless - Advanced and check that the mode is set to b,g and n.

  bluebelladog 15:43 26 May 2012

Thanks Woolwell found those settings B, BG, BGN, N, tried them all no difference my next problem, I wanted to get intouch with Arnova by email and one of the things they want to know is the firmware No. it's supposed to be under settings but I can't find it if anybody has this model and knows where it's located please help


  Woolwell 15:46 26 May 2012

They should have told you how to find it.

  bluebelladog 16:34 26 May 2012

They do tell you how to find it ((it is found in the system or firmware section of the setup or settings screen)) but I am still at a loss, the only setup you do is date time etc and nothing like that under settings that's why i'm hopeful someone else may have that model

  Woolwell 17:46 26 May 2012

Under settings you should have about tablet or (probably below date and time) if you open that firmware should be listed.

  Woolwell 17:50 26 May 2012

You may better off on this forum archosfans

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