Tables in web pages.

  dave_the_red 00:42 22 Nov 2004

I have just begun on my quest to learn HTML. I have started my webpage and have learned the very basiceg how to set background colours, insert images and basic text formatting. Know I need to learn how to create tables. I have found a couple of tutorials but they just dont seem to be helping me do what I want.

Basically I dont want anything spectacular, just a simple table with a column on the left hand side for links etc and a bigger column to the right of that for the main text. Does anybody know of any beginners tutorials on how to do this or got any tips themselves?



  dave_the_red 00:43 22 Nov 2004

Now even LOL. I cant even type tonight, not much chance of me being able to do tables. :-(

  Forum Editor 01:35 22 Nov 2004

Here's something to get you going
First you need to tell the browser there's a table there, so insert this tag: <table> If you want a border then insert the border tag as well: <table border> Next, you'll need to let the browser know each time you want a new row to begin, so insert: <tr>
End your row with the </tr> tag. Not all browsers need that, but some do, so include it. It's also not strictly necessary to end the table with: </table> but some browsers will display a blank page if they don't see an end tag.

Here then, is the full code for a two row table, with font size inserted.

<table border>


<td style="font-size : 10pt;">Row 1 Column1</td>

<td style="font-size : 10pt;">Row 1 Column2</td>



<td style="font-size : 10pt;">Row 2 Column1</td>

<td style="font-size : 10pt;">Row 2 Column 2</td>



Does that help? It isn't always easy to get the forum pages to display html code in the right way, but you get the idea I'm sure.

  dave_the_red 09:11 22 Nov 2004

Yes that helps a lot, just what I was looking for.Thanks a lot for that. I have just started to use a html editor called 1st page 2000. I think it is absolutely fantastic, maybe it is because I have never used one before but it helps so much. I like the fact that you still get to learn the HTML code as you go. It is so much quicker than just using notepad, which is what I was doing at the beginning.

I am sure I will be on here again looking for help before long, but once my web page is getting anywhere near finished I will post the link on here so I can get some comments on layout, content etc.

Thanks again


  neil_raj 17:57 22 Nov 2004

You must go to click here and bookmark this site. A great resource for learning HTML..... The best on the Net

  dave_the_red 09:38 23 Nov 2004

Thanks for that Neil, you are right that is a great link. I am sure I will be using that regularly.


  murgle 19:55 03 Dec 2004


I am curious why people build websites using HTML when software such as Frontpage lets you do everything you need without having to learn HTML coding.

Thanks 23:55 03 Dec 2004

Then you find that a bit of HT<L knowledge goes a long way.

You also dont have to stick rigidly to the output of your WYSIWYG editor, you can make slight changes to suit yourself. 23:57 03 Dec 2004

if you can type HTML properly, instead of HT<L !

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