tables using CSS

  Madpad_001 02:53 03 Oct 2006

I am tring to create a table (3 Columns & 2 rows in size). And to be turthfull I am totaly lost!!

So is it possible? if how do you do it? most sites I have looked at show a temp plate with the css but when I copy the code aross it does not apear as per the web example. I am happy with the basic stuff, fonts text size etc, but this table bit seams a bit beyond me at the min.

Also, does all the css go into the header section of the html? as I want to contol some photos that are half way down the page. But if I put the code in the header it fails to work. But when I place it into the cell (Using conventional tables) it works fine but I belive this is wrong?

Thanks for your help in advance


  AndySD 04:38 03 Oct 2006

There is a good starter tutorial on css click here

  LaserSailor 13:42 03 Oct 2006

Andy - I have been searching for a while for a good way to learn CSS and it looks like you have given me the answer. Many thanks.

MadPad - how was it for you ?

  ade.h 15:38 03 Oct 2006

Sitepoint: click here. This has two of the best CSS books available.

I have a Q for you though; are you creating this table to display tabular data? Because that's the only good reason to use one. A major reason for the use of CSS is to get rid of the tables and seperate the content from the style and layout.

  Madpad_001 18:53 03 Oct 2006

thanks for your help

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