Table problem in MS Word (URGENT) deadline 2moro

  Mysticnas 20:50 27 Feb 2005

Hi all,

My mate has a problem, she's filling in an application form that seems as if it's not been made properly. She just saw the job and downloaded the form yesterday in the library and has been working on trying to fix the form but she can't figure it out. The deadline is tomorrow, so she's in a bit of a panic.

When she enters text into a box, for instance the address box, it all dissapears to the left. The only way she can make it viewable is to right align it, but as you can imagine that doesn't look very professional. It seems as if the text area is going way off the page to the left.

She's tried to sort ou the tab stops and alignment herself but it's not helping. I've told her to just type it all out right aligned for now and i'll see if can get some help.

So can anyone PLEASE help?

please please please... :o)

  groundhog 21:11 27 Feb 2005

Double click on the text box and hopefully it will have a resize properties border.

  Mysticnas 21:14 27 Feb 2005


  VoG II 21:15 27 Feb 2005

Is this a Table or a Form? Do you have a copy that you could e-mail?

  Mysticnas 21:19 27 Feb 2005

i'm not sure. I don't have a copy, she doesn't have internet at home. I'm communicating via phone, she's around a 100miles south of me.

How can she tell whether it's a table or a form?

She said she tried to double click it and nothing happened, nothing was selected and nothing highlitghed as a result.

  groundhog 21:20 27 Feb 2005

If this is an internet sendable form then when it's received their text bordering will be in the right place on their master document and the data sent will normally, only be the data boxes and not the document. However if you need to paste the document into an e-mail then thats different and I'm not sure how to get round that one.

Maybe someone else on the Forum has the answer.

Best of luck

  smudge101 21:20 27 Feb 2005

Go to view/toolbars and make sure there is a tick next to Form.
When the Form toolbar is displayed click on the padlock symbol. You will then be able to edit everything in the form as you wish.

Hope this helps and good luck with the job.

  VoG II 21:25 27 Feb 2005

If it is a Form, if she goes to Tools/Options, View tab and under Formatting tick "All" then she should see something similar to ooooo in each box where she is supposed to enter information. If it is a Form, there may be restrictions on what formatting can be applied.

If it is a "standard" table she could use Table/Table to Text to convert it and see if that works.

Personally I would make do with the right alignment.

  Mysticnas 21:28 27 Feb 2005

She just tried that, and said everything greyed out.

she tried to enter text in, but it wouldn't let her.

  Mysticnas 21:39 27 Feb 2005

Looks to be designed very badly..

just got the form off the website..

can i send it you all to see what you can do with it?

  Mysticnas 21:40 27 Feb 2005

Looks to be designed very badly..

just got the form off the website..

click here

it's the personal assisstant link, then download.

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