Table of browser standards support

  PurplePenny 11:42 07 Sep 2005

In another thread I mentioned that there was a table of browser support for CSS. I didn't find my bookmark for that one but I've found an even better one!

This table shows browser support for HTML, CSS, DOM and ECMAScript (standardised JavaScript): click here


  powerless 21:32 08 Sep 2005

What does it mean for Joe Public?

  AcydByrn 23:01 08 Sep 2005

For Joe Public it doesn't really mean much at all, but for web-designers it means that we can design sites that will (hopefully) display correctly on all browsers. Or a specific browser if thats what we wanted.

  Forum Editor 23:46 08 Sep 2005

when I am but a distant memory in the minds of some of the older forum members, and petrol is £100 a cup, all browsers will use a uniform set of display protocols, so all sites will look the same, no matter which particular browser is your favourite.

Until then we have inconsistencies, and web designers have to think that little bit harder about how they're going to make their clients' look good to everyone. It's a cruel world, but in posting that link Penny has helped make it a little less so.

  Taran 17:12 11 Sep 2005

CSS browser bug table: click here

CSS contents and compatability: click here

This is the one I really like, for two reasons:

1. Because of the way in which it populates its table with database content and I'm just the sort of geek to appreciate it.


2. Because each element decribed in the left column not only has the compatible browsers listed to the right, the element itself is clickable, leading to an outside link page with descriptions and how-to text.

click here

A few more:

click here

click here

For the Mac: click here

Like Forum Editor I long for the day in which an alternative browser is just another product, perhaps with different features and its own unique look, but one that still manages to display a page how it is meant to appear, not how it feels like cobbling it together.

If only...

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