Is a T5300 processor worth £130 more than a T2080?

  cliffoa 18:22 22 Oct 2007

I'm thinking of buying a laptop for around £600 and I've seen it advertised elsewhere for £470. The model and spec look identical. Only difference I can spot is the cheaper model has a T2080 processor and 1MB cache, whereas the full price model has a T5300 processor and a 2MB cache. I'm guessing the latter will run things faster, and may be more up to date, but I'm not sure how much difference it will make, and whether it's worth the extra money. The Laptop has 2GB Ram and 160GB hard drive, will run Vista home premium. Does anyone have an opinion on whether the T5300 is worth an extra £130? Thanks.

  Si_L 18:28 22 Oct 2007

Not familiar with laptop processors, (so please correct me if I'm wrong anyone), but you have good RAM, and so I would go for the cheaper. It will make a difference, but if you are not going to strain the computer with intense programs then it should be fine.

  AL47 18:44 22 Oct 2007

i have a t7600g in my laptop, 4mb, but mines for games, just dont expect to play any games, the cheaper should be fine, rams more important

  GaT7 19:03 22 Oct 2007

As the others have said, the cheaper option should be just fine. If it has 1Gb RAM, add another 512Mb to 1Gb (for £15-25 click here) & it should do well - determine compatibilty before buying.

Note: The T2080 is dual-core (T5300's a Core 2 Duo) but not 64-bit, so it won't be able to run a 64-bit OS should you want to do so in the future. This could be highly unlikely anyway. G

  cliffoa 19:25 22 Oct 2007

Thanks for your answers so far guys. Not sure about the 64bit OS and whether I'm likely to run one in the future. What's an example of a 64 bit OS?

  AL47 19:28 22 Oct 2007

i dont know of any 64 bit laptops, mines new and v good, but an os will be vista premium 64, they usually just have 64 stuck on the end, you need a 64 bit processor as well

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