T-Mobile Pointer, software download

  Bargee 09:41 01 Jan 2013


I've been given a T-mobile pointer 3G wireless broadband device which I can't connect to the internet with as I can't get the device's management console software re-loaded onto my laptop as the device has already been recognised on it (long story) & I believe I need this to make the internet connection just like my existing T-mobile USB stick needs its loaded software in order to connect.

Is there a way I can re-install the device's software directly from it (there's no CD) or obtain a download for it from somewhere else?

I ask this before I get locked into lurid explainations with T-Mobile Support.


  Bargee 10:26 01 Jan 2013

As an aside, is there a way to get my Win 7 Home laptop to recognise the device as a "new" device or to delete the device in some way so that when I next connect it, it comes up as a new device?

  Bargee 10:58 01 Jan 2013

Cracked it!

Obviously too simple for me to realise the proper solution whilst I'd got my head stuck & sidetracked by the fact it's a wireless device!

Dis-connected & re-booted brain, connected the device's USB cable & up it all came, downloaded the software needed & its sorted. Just got to find a signal now.

Sorry to have wasted your time, thanks for looking.


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