T-mobile Broadband USB stick won't work with Go Baby Mifi Dongle

  Bargee 10:24 17 Dec 2012


I purchased a Go Baby 3G Dongle Mifi unit a little while ago but only tried to use it with my t-mobile Mobile Broadband USB Stick 625 this last weekend.

My new Acer laptop, running Windows 7 home, connects no problem to the Mifi & it will connect to my USB stick when it's directly plugged into it, also no problem. When I try to use the stick with the Mifi, I cannot get the laptop to see the USB stick at all & so cannot connect to the internet.

I've tried just about everything I can to get it to work, but it seems impossible. As a by, when I connect the USB stick via the laptop, my T-Mobile UI displays "EE", the new T-Mobile service, could this be an issue?

Failing that, where could I be going wrong?


  mgmcc 11:58 17 Dec 2012

"When I try to use the stick with the Mifi, I cannot get the laptop to see the USB stick at all & so cannot connect to the internet".

I wouldn't have thought the Laptop would see the USB stick when using it with the MiFi device. It will be the function of the MiFi device to connect to the internet via the dongle, then any computers will look for the MiFi device's SSID as an Available Wireless Network. In the case of Windows 7, click on the network icon in the Notification Area beside the clock and select the MiFi SSID as the network to connect to.

  Bargee 14:49 17 Dec 2012

Thanks mgmcc, but I've done that & when I check on its connected status, it reports no internet access on IPv4 & no network access on IPv6.

No matter what settings I've checked on the Mifi device or the dongle's software, I can't see how I can resolve this. Especially as I can't alter any of the USB stick's settings which is the most frustrating thing. I feel sure that if I were to change the password, I might stand a chance of getting it to work because the Mifi device is using a default t-mobile username & password which I suspect doesn't match the stick's username & password & typical T-Mobile, they don't tell you what these are for the stick!

I KNOW I'm missing something, I just can't figure what.

I'm still waiting on contact from the Go Baby support BTW.

  Bargee 17:31 17 Dec 2012


Spoken to T-Mobile & it's starting to look like a compatability issue. My next step is to directly ask Go Baby Mobile support whether my stick's model & model number is on their list of compatable T-Mobile sticks. If it isn't, I need to get their list of T-Mobile sticks that are compatable, then maybe T-mobile can do an exchange for me. If not, I'll have to get a refund from Go Baby Mobile.

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