SYSTEMCLONE.sys What is it?

  Joe R 11:15 01 Feb 2009

Turned on my PC this morning, and noticed this file on my O's drive.

It is not flagging any A/v or spyware utilities, but I can't find any information on this file.

Can anyone help me find out what process is causing this file to appear?

Regards Joe.

  MAJ 12:34 01 Feb 2009

Can you clarify? What is your "O's drive"? Do you mean your OS drive (Drive C:), or do you mean your O: drive? If the latter, what is your O: drive? How did you notice the file, was there an error message displayed?

  Joe R 12:48 01 Feb 2009


this file is on my "C" drive, sitting below program files.

I can't find any info of any kind, with a google search, as I have already stated, can find no problems with Avast, A2 squared, spywareblaster etc.

I am not taking any chances whatsoever, so I'm going to format.

Cheers, Joe.

  provider 2 12:52 01 Feb 2009

Googled: click here+

  MAJ 12:53 01 Feb 2009

That's a little drastic at the moment, Joe R. Right-click on the file and choose Properties, what does it say in there?

  Joe R 15:26 01 Feb 2009


I've formatted the drive now, and there is no sign of the file.

I'm sorry, but I don't see how you feel it's a bit drastic, getting rid of a file, which I can't even find by "Googling".

The properties dialogue box only, gives the size as 83Kb, and the .sys appendage. There is nothing to say what program/s open the file.

I will keep a close eye out for this file in future, and try to find out where it originates from.

  Pineman100 15:34 01 Feb 2009

I think MAJ is saying (quite rightly, in my view) that to format the drive on the basis of one unidentified file is like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut (that might not even need cracking).

Still, what's done is done.

  gazzaho 15:47 01 Feb 2009

On the Windows 9.X and Dos operating systems the .SYS files are systems files, used for saving the various data, configurations and functions used by the operating system. Files such as the IO.SYS, CONFIG.SYS and the MSDOS.SYS contain essential information, such as device drivers.

I myself feel a format and restore of your computer is a little drastic,as your security software didn't find anything untoward, but if it gives you peace of mind then who am I to argue.

If you had right clicked and opened it with notepad you may have gleaned some information on what created it or where it came from. Do you have backup software running? Perhaps a drive cloning program? This could have generated the file.

  Joe R 16:46 01 Feb 2009

Pineman100, and gazzaho

I can understand your reticence regarding my formatting the drive, but this is the first time, I have ever found a file, which I can find no information on.

The file would not open with notepad, nor any other application, and when removing, with remove on reboot, it started rebuilding the same file.

Maybe I take my security too seriously at times, but until I can find info on this file, I feel it is not worth the risk.

  gazzaho 21:01 01 Feb 2009

As I said who am I to argue, it's your computer and at the end of the day your peace of mind is paramount. To be honest on the few occasions in the past when I've contracted a virus I've always done a format and re-intallation of Windows just to be sure, even though the security software reported successful disinfection.

Sys files do not open automatically with notepad you right click and choose "Open With" and select notepad from there, you can also set notepad to open all sys files by default. It would be interesting to find out if it reappears when you start reinstalling your applications and programs. Did you install any programs last night prior to the file appearing? It is strange that no information can be found for it though. So perhaps erroring on the side of caution is warranted.

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