system32 folder

  bananaz 16:50 29 Oct 2005

hi all. When i start up my pc, i keep getting the system32 folder popping up. Its as if i have gone into :c-windows & opened the system32 folder. This has only been happening for a week & its really doing my head in now lol. The only program i have installed was kaspersky, which i then removed completely. I am using XP home with SP2. please help me keep my sanity & stop this system32 folder starting up.
Thanks very much in advance.

  VoG II 16:53 29 Oct 2005
  bananaz 20:01 29 Oct 2005

i have read & re-read the link but im still completely lost lol. Is there a easy to use program or instructions that i can use? Im still very much new to a PC, so sorry for being quite slow.
thanks in advance

  VoG II 20:12 29 Oct 2005

click here scroll down to and click on 'System32 Folder Opens Upon Boot' (in the right hand column).

  bananaz 20:41 29 Oct 2005

yup tried that & got the message "This script cannot repair your issue. The expected registry value was not found"

  bananaz 21:34 30 Oct 2005

I have now tried a few different registry cleaners but the problem is still occuring aaaaaargh. I think my pc is possessed, as its nearly halloween.

  VoG II 21:40 30 Oct 2005

You need to work your way through the instructions in my first 'click here' - print them out.

Backup the registry first click here

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