System will still not reboot

  23790954 15:11 20 May 2006

I transferred my MSI K7N2Delta 2 and AMD Sempron 2600+, with 1 gig of pc3200 DDR ram, from a Mini tower case to a desktop case, which I like very much due to its less space consuming build. With it I use an 80gig SATA hard drive. After transferring the system, it would NOT reboot fully after installing software, programmes etc. It rebooted up to the point of checking the IDE cables then seemed to freeze and would not load on the operating system. Although the P.S.U. used with the desktop is only 300 watts, as compared to the 400 watts I was using before, I checked the system usage via a system advised by a helpful helproom contact in a previous help appeal. It stated that the system was using about 270 watts, so 300 watts, which is the maximum PSU you can buy for the desktop, should be enough. I have even disconnected some of the components, to save power, but it still will not rebbot fully. As I am using a SATA hard drive, I have connected the DVD drive to slave in IDE 1 and DVD writer drive to Master in IDE 1 leaving IDE 2 free. Can anyone put any light on the reason for my system not rebooting correctly. Other than NOT rebooting correctly the system works 100% and is very stable.
Many thanks for any help given.

  Muzzz 15:33 20 May 2006

Hi when your system starts can you go into the bios and just sit there without the system falling over. Also when your in there can you see your hard drive listed and recognised in the bios.

It sounds like its starting to boot up ok but once the Os kicks in it starts demanding more memory, so just make sure your memorys seated properly or if its two 512 sticks you have put them in one at a time in the first bank and boot up with only one stick in and then do the same with the other as one of them may have become faulty, also take out any cards you may have so all you have in the system is the proc hdd and memory that way you know nothing else is making it freeze.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 20 May 2006

Also check IDE cables inserted properly at drives and motherboard (right way round).

Check BIOS is set to boot from SATA drive.

  23790954 12:49 21 May 2006

Many thanks to the people for all their advice.
Just for future reference, my system always failed to reboot fully when the SATA hard drive was connected to the motherboard via port SATA 1. Since changing this and connecting it to motherboard port SATA 2, everything works 100%.

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