system virus

  mark3986 18:33 07 Jan 2010

hi ive got a virus in my computer system and avast has come back with 4 files wot should i do with them as theyre in the chest on avast

  Graphicool1 18:42 07 Jan 2010

If they're in the chest on Avast you don't need to do anything. They can't affect your system locked in there.

  Deekio 18:44 07 Jan 2010

Open the virus chest in Avast, it then gives you options on what to do. Me, if it finds anything I delete them.

  mark3986 19:02 07 Jan 2010

wot if there important files tho

  Halmer 20:38 07 Jan 2010

Avast has quarantined them so there is no need to do anything.

You could leave them there and run your computer for a week or so to see if it's OK.

I would do an online scan click here and download and run this click here

  mark3986 21:12 07 Jan 2010

my computer is still quiet unresponsive at times wot do people recommend

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