System tools end up on desktop as shortcut

  dessi 23:14 22 Jul 2003

hi ya guys, System is XP home i encountered a strange happening yesterday as i was about to do a manual defrag; accessed acessories entered the dropdown list and somehow accidently clicked somewhere in the box before pointing on defragment and the system tools folder is now on the desktop as a shortcut, i would like to put the folder back in it's rightful place. can anyone provide the right sequence to restore to normal please.

  crx1600 23:27 22 Jul 2003

if it no longer appears in accessories, then grab the shortcut on the desktop and hold it over the 'start' button, then navigate back to programs/accessories and drop it back in.

i cant remember if that is the corect way, it may put the shortcut back, and it no longer expands, you'll have to try.

  Andsome 08:24 23 Jul 2003

Do a system restore to a time before you messed up.

  dessi 10:52 23 Jul 2003

Good morning forum people, i have now done as suggested and Restored to 21st 7-03, all now ok, just have to reinstall two driver upgrades didn't want to :( but.....:) slowly learning.
thanks again guys for being there.

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