System Temps

  RPM1975 14:41 17 Nov 2006

Just a quickie...

What are the ideal temps for CPU, HDD, GPU and MOBO under normal and loaded conditions?

  ForestChav 14:52 17 Nov 2006

It's not a quickie. It depends on the actual core to begin with.

Probably the best place to get a definitive answer is here click here

  RPM1975 14:57 17 Nov 2006

Sorry, thought it might be. Everest is telling me that during normal use actually, as I speak) I get temps of 33Mobo, 33CPU, 58GPU and 31 HDD. I tried to run a game recently which kept shutting my PC down and I am trying to eliminate some possibilities of overheating.

  Stuartli 15:50 17 Nov 2006

My AMD Athlon XP 3200+ is currently running at 58 degrees C and the MSI KT6V motherboard at 43 degrees C - in the summer the CPU often reached 67-68 degrees C because of the heatwave keeping a giant cooling fan busy.

Maximum permissible is 85 degrees C according to AMD, but the Bios is set to shut it down if it ever reaches 70 degrees C as I wouldn't like to get too near that figure.

  keef66 17:01 17 Nov 2006

could be the graphics card overheating if it's at 58c during normal use. Any clues about why it shut down in the event viewer??

Do you have shot-down values set too low in the bios??

  blanco 17:38 17 Nov 2006

Have you had the case open and given the beast a good clean?
My CPU (AMD 3000+)was running in the high 50s until a couple of weeks ago when I cleaned all the fans and a general blow with an airo duster and am now back to the low 40s.
Like Stuartli, I have the BIOS set to switch off at 70 C.

  Stuartli 17:49 17 Nov 2006

In the case of my Athlon the fan is set for minimum speeds and the case air flow is at the maximum possible taking cables, leads etc into account.

AMDs do run somewhat hot but I've never had any signs of overheating or the system freezing.

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