System slow/freezing/crashing - HELP!

  Camille 17:42 26 Feb 2003

I have a 2yr old pc, new motherboard & 128 RAM fitted 6 months ago, 1Gb and (apparently) 80% free. I have Office installed together with several games.

Recently had problems with screens freezing so updated my graphics driver. Problems now worse, but don't know if they're related. THey are:

1) error msg on startup - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\NvCpl.dll missing entry: NvStartup

2)System incredibly slow - sometimes freezing altogether - sometimes crashing

3) If I start a game after having been on the Internet, there's no sound and I have to reboot

4)When closing down I get the msg: RNAdmin still running and I have to end the task (I don't know what this task is)
Please give some advice on what to do with any/all of these problems and I'll be sooo grateful

  xalemo 18:17 26 Feb 2003

NvCpl.dll is related to Nvidia, probably your GFX card, try re-installing the drivers.

  Camille 18:48 26 Feb 2003

thanks for the response. i should have guessed - i updated the drivers when the pc started to play up in an attempt to improve things, but obviously just made things worse!

  BrianW 18:59 26 Feb 2003

Did you remove the old drivers first or try to load the new drivers on top of the old? Nvidia drivers seem to be prone to problems if loaded on top of the old driver.

  Camille 21:01 26 Feb 2003

oh dear - I just installed new drivers in the belief that they would just update the old ones! This was the first time I've tried to update a driver - what should i do to remedy my mistake?

  Camille 21:12 26 Feb 2003

I was wondering if reinstalling windows would stop all these pesky freezes and crashes. My system is 80% free, which I take to mean theres loads of room left.
so my next question is, if i reinstall windows what happens to all the files on my hard drive? do they disappear? do i need to back them up? and if i do reinstall windows could some kind soul please tell me how i do it?

  BrianW 14:34 27 Feb 2003

I checked on the Nvidia site, click here, under the support section it explains that if you experience the problems you describe you should reboot into "Safe Mode" the remove and reinstall the latest drivers. I should try that before removing and reinstalling your Windows (which would lose all you files)

  BrianW 14:35 27 Feb 2003

Sorry should have said, under the support / troubleshooting section, Brian

  woodchip 14:41 27 Feb 2003

If I was you I would remove all the games that you have on your computer, then if you are running windows 98se run system file checker from the start\run type SFC and press enter, put your windows 98 disc in the computer stop it loaded by pressing the shift key then go to the settings page and if both boxers for deleted files and halted files then run the program and restore any files that a need change after that do not load games to run from hard drive run from cd ROM where possible. If you want your computer to do computing then do not load games. If you want to play games get a PS2

  Camille 18:54 28 Feb 2003

I have limited funds and the pc is for me and my children. I can't afford consoles as well! Is it really too much to ask that I use the pc for work (teaching) and the kids have some fun too?

I think I may be missing something here - altho the games are installed on the pc, we always have to put the cd in the drive to run them. Is this not the same as running them from the cd rom drive? Is there some simpler way of the games runnning that I have missed?

Anyway - thanks for all the advice guys, I'm off to try removing and reinstalling my drivers....

  BrianW 11:51 02 Mar 2003

Camille, how's the removal / reinstallation going? If you are still having problems this thread my help click here, Specifically the contributions at the end. Brian ;>{}

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