system slowed down since broadband

  MELTON 22:04 19 Sep 2004

just had broadband but my system has slowed down even when not connected. The connection is fine but my system is so slow its not worth having broadband. Can some one please help me.

I have 19GB with 14GB free space
188 Ram
Windows XP
AMD K6(tm) Processor

  stalion 23:27 19 Sep 2004

you need to increase your memory

  MELTON 09:48 20 Sep 2004

Thanx stalion i thought as much. I also used a spybot free download that said i have 14 infections whre can i purchase this software and how much wil it cost?

  nick_j007 10:57 20 Sep 2004

I believe Stalion is suggesting you increase your RAM (memory) your 14GB of free space should be fine.

These people are recommended by a few here including myself as they will walk you through which memory you will need for your PC:

click here

When you say Spybot says you have 14 infections, I'm presuming this is the Spyware that it has detected and not viruses as such as this would be detected by your anti-virus software.
Allow Spybot to remove the entries at the end of your scan.

Which Anti virus are you using? In the event of 'none'. Try AVG as it is free and perfectly adequate.

HTH some,


  MELTON 14:14 20 Sep 2004

HiNick i used spyware free download but whem i. got to the end of the scan it said i had to purchase before it would remove them. Iam using symantec virus controll which pick up no viruses

  bertiecharlie 14:40 20 Sep 2004


Not sure which anti-spyware programme you've got there but Spybot is a free programme. Adaware is also free.

Adaware click here
Spybot click here

For furture protection get SpywareBlaster click here

  Graham ® 14:51 20 Sep 2004

The Spyware you have sounds like one of those that gives 'false positives' to lure you into parting with money. Many have similar names to genuine programs, so google finds them.

Have a read click here, and use the links bertiecharlie has given.

AVG click here, click on 'free edition' on the left.

  bertiecharlie 15:42 20 Sep 2004


Forgot to mention. Ignore any reference to DSO Exploit, which will be found by Spybot, as this is a bug in the programme. (Spybot have advised it will be corrected in a future update).

  MELTON 18:59 20 Sep 2004

Hi Bertycharlie and graham
successfully downloadeed spybot found 17 infections which have now been removed.

I think my system is a bit quicker

thanx alot both

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