System Restore in XP Home

  Bluebird 14:50 20 Jan 2004

When I go into system restore in xp there are no restore points apart from the same day I am on the computer.
Any ideas please

  Bally 2k4 15:40 20 Jan 2004

Go into the system restoe screen start/all progs/ accesories/ system tools/ system restore then click system restore- then clik systm restore setting and it should saying monitoring on you drives and make sure theres no tick in the turn of system restore poin box.

  Bluebird 15:51 20 Jan 2004

Thanks Bally2k4 had already looked at that but no tick ????

  tafoody 16:12 20 Jan 2004

there should be an option to adjust the size of the disk space used for system restore, check its not set to the minimum.

or perhaps you are low on free disk space in general.

  BurrWalnut 16:18 20 Jan 2004

Have a look in Disk Cleanup, there is an option to only save the last restore point.

  Bluebird 16:32 20 Jan 2004

Thanks to you both but the disk space is set to max and I have 15GB of free disk space. I have also looked at Disk Clean up but cannot find an option to only save last restore point??

  BurrWalnut 16:37 20 Jan 2004

In Disk Cleanup, after clicking the drive to be cleaned, a More Options Tab appears and you can change the settings.

  Bluebird 17:00 20 Jan 2004

Please bear with me but when I go on More Options it says Windows Components (Clean Up)
Installed Components (Clean Up)
and System Restore (Clean Up) When I click on System Restore clean up it says are you sure you want to delete all but the most recent restore points. I cannot see anywhere where you change the settings??

  BillEmm 17:09 20 Jan 2004

Can you manually create a Restore point?

If its only the automatic restores that are not happening there are several possibilities for this:

1. You do not leave your machine switched on 24/7 (and nothing wrong in that in my opinion!)

2. Task Scheduler is not active.

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click "Performance and Maintenance".

Click Administrative Tools, click Computer Management, and then click Services and Applications.

Click Services, and then click the Task Scheduler service. Make sure the Service is set to "Automatic" and the status is "started".

3. Maybe you haven't installed anything worth being recorded recently. The restore records are only kept for 90 days then deleted by the OS.

Just a few thoughts.


  Bluebird 17:30 20 Jan 2004

Thanks Bill
Task sceduler is set to automatic. Are you saying you only get a restore point if you install something as I did yesterday but do not have a restore point at all. Yes I can do it manually.

  BillEmm 18:40 20 Jan 2004

As I understand it the System Restore function only creates a restore point under certain conditions.

Installing an unsigned device driver.

Installing System Restore compliant applications (Installing an application that uses Windows Installer, or Install Shield Pro version 7.0 or later, causes System Restore to create a restore point.)

Installing an update by using Automatic Updates
Performing a System Restore operation so the user can undo that restore operation if needed
Restoring data from backup media using the Backup tool.

Creating daily restore points (System Restore creates a restore point every 24 hours if the computer is turned on, or if it has been 24 hours since the last restore point was created.)

System Restore monitors practically everything that goes on in the machine but only creates these restore points at apropriate times: either manually, or automatically if the PC is idle and switched on at a time the OS decides.

In general it is quite ususal to find few restore points on machines that are switched off when not in use. Just a good reason to manually create one just prior to any install of hardware or software - or any action that might have a harmful effect on the system.


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