System restore XP

  anniesboy68 20:10 22 Jun 2004

My restore points have gone missing for June, even the ones I did today and yesterday. Ay expert out there know why, please.

  Mikè 20:18 22 Jun 2004

Reset System Restore as in my post click here

  anniesboy68 20:33 22 Jun 2004

Mike, thanks,will try and then see what happend.

  anniesboy68 20:34 22 Jun 2004

Sorry, that should be "happens"

  Mikè 21:06 22 Jun 2004

You will of course loose all the existing restore points, but I do think this is the best way to sort it out.

  anniesboy68 10:33 23 Jun 2004

No, not cured it!. I did two restore points last night, and they were there this morning. then, I did some opening of files, looking at the net etc, and then when closing it all the cptr became busy [hard drive activity] desktop icons flashing on and off, and when I checked the system restore, they were gone.

  anniesboy68 16:25 23 Jun 2004

I think I may have the answer. I am using the Steganos Security Suite and when I open or close the safe my restore point that I had created has dissapeared.I have contacted Steganos and await a reply. Anyone else had this problem????

  anniesboy68 15:15 24 Jun 2004

Is there anyone using this security suite, and having problems with System Restore on XP? Perhaps you're not aware of it.

  anniesboy68 17:00 24 Jun 2004

Just to update.....I have uninstalled Steganos suite for now, and all is well with System Restore. I still await a reply from Steganos!

  Mikè 19:18 24 Jun 2004

Yes there have been a few mentions here of problems concerning this program.

  anniesboy68 11:08 25 Jun 2004

Leave well alone methinks, only cost £9.95 at Aldi's anyway. Yes a few problems I see in the forum, not relating to this though, but a serios one of the code failing to open the safe amongst others!

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