JerryH 07:46 26 Dec 2008

I run XP. System Restore always worked OK, but since installing Norton Internet Security 2009 it does not. So I assume NIS is the problem. I tried turning off NIS firewall, no avail. But I can't find how to temp disable whole NIS application! Must be dumb, but any advice? And am I right to suspect NIS 2009 is the culprit?

  rawprawn 08:01 26 Dec 2008

I don't use Norton but,Here is a solution I found for Norton 2006
click here
It may also apply to 2009

  rawprawn 08:02 26 Dec 2008
  johnpalmer 08:52 26 Dec 2008

I had the same problem, and the solution that rawprawn suggests, works perfectly.

But dont forget to tick the box in Norton again, after the restore.

  jack 09:34 26 Dec 2008

I have experienced it my self.
The suggestion the the 'protection devices' may be at the root is interesting.
I am not a 'Norton' fan myself but use another,
This may then be a common solution-

Before attempting to carry out a restore.
Conme off line and deactivate firewall-A/V etc.
or has it all been said before?

Afterall many programs insist that such measures are taken before intalling.

  birdface 09:55 26 Dec 2008

Do your system restore in safe mode. Or switch Norton off and then do it.Norton stops you from using System restore.Thats why it is better to try in safe mode.

  JerryH 09:39 07 Jan 2009

Many thanks, all - sorry for delay: away over new yr! Rawprawn's advice worked perfectly, so I didn't need to follow Buteman's suggestions, which are nonetheless helpful.

  muthu22 10:38 04 Feb 2009

First you will delete unwanted threads. and update the virus software's. and then delete cookies.after that try.its work properly.

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  rawprawn 11:03 04 Feb 2009

Take advice from buteman, always use Safe Mode to initiate System Restore.

  Cymro. 12:18 04 Feb 2009

On the one occasion when my system restore failed I also found it worked in safe mode.

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