System restore wont restore?

  night 23:32 04 Jan 2007

On trying to use System Restore it tells me it cant restore why is this or does one have to reboot and start all over again, or is it Norton causing the problem as I have 2007 Internet security installed.

  vitrocmax 23:55 04 Jan 2007

At what point does 'it' tell you it can't restore? Do you get a calendar screen with system checkpoint dates hilighted? Does the message come up after you have selected a restore point and clicked 'next'?

More information than just 'it can't restore, why' would enable someone to assist you.

Do you have System Restore turned on?

I've done for tonight now, but I will look in tomorrow.

  woodchip 00:04 05 Jan 2007

Turn off Norton, Then Try Restore. If it does not work, the Restore points are corrupt and you will have to turn off Restore then Turn it back on to make a new rstore point. You will lose all old points

  night 00:17 05 Jan 2007

Thanks Vitrocmax, in answer to your msg one picks a highlighted date in system restore ok it closes down tells you it is restoring reloads and comes up with the msg cant restore and proceeds to load as before with no change, I have just put in 2007 Norton Internet Security and I see one cant shut it down as one could as it is a running program so maybe this is the problem as it wont play dvd's now without shutting down and displaying the msg there has been a serious error and report to microsoft. I hope this explains my plight.

  woodchip 00:21 05 Jan 2007

Try Rstore in Safe Mode. Keep taping F8 as computer starts

  cocteau48 08:54 05 Jan 2007

Are you trying to restore to the most recent restore point?
I discovered this problem last week which may help.
I tried to restore to a point which I had created only to be told that it could not restore to that point.I then attempted to restore to a point created by Reg Mechanic which was after the date of my own restore point. It restored with no problems.
I had reduced the system restore capacity (control panel/system/system restore/settings)down to 3% and I reckon that it was too low to hold more than one restore point.

  rickd 11:42 05 Jan 2007

Do you attach an external hard drive at any time?
I had problems cos sytem restore was trying to monitor the external hard drive, which since I only use it for backing-up, is often turned off, and therefore the system can't be sure its tracked all changes and throws a wobbly when you try to restore.
The solution for me was to turn off monitoring to your external HD (though this won't help with the old restore points you have I'm afraid)
Just a thought.

  woodchip 16:58 05 Jan 2007

Disable any Restore for External drive, it's only needed for the OS partition

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