system restore wont go back

  eedcam 23:30 25 Jul 2007

System restore on a friends does'nt show any restore points .It wont go back prior to july and tried to create a restore point it says it has but it dont show running XP

  Stuartli 23:46 25 Jul 2007

Is System Restore Enabled?

My Computer>Properties>System Restore.

  Switcher 01:28 26 Jul 2007

Download PC Wizard from click here. Install and run, select configuration then Uptime statistics then Restore Points. This will show you any restore points available and when and why these restore points were set.

  eedcam 09:21 26 Jul 2007

Thanksguys yes Stuartli I'm assured it is enabled Switcher as I dont have access to their pc and they are not too familiar with it bit reluctant at the moment to ask them to install anything without restore working They had a so called PC guy round yesterday and he could'nt figure it out . Not that that means much with some ofthese guys . I'll check the wizard out and consider it thanks

  thms 09:32 26 Jul 2007

The usual way to sort this is to disable system restore (you will lose all restore points).
Re boot then enable system restore and re boot again. This usually fixs error.

  eedcam 09:38 26 Jul 2007

OK Switcher just tried it nice bit of kit should carry a health warning for the Video check . Question even if it found the restore points (if any) it still would'nt help if you cant access them normally or am I missing something

  eedcam 09:40 26 Jul 2007

Will try that Thms thanks

  Stuartli 10:00 26 Jul 2007

See the last two posts here:

click here

  gel 10:56 26 Jul 2007

If this is a new thread forgive me.
But whilst on system restore what determines when a restore point is chosen auto matically.
I have looked at my system restore and it quotes 'system check point'
It seems to do this most days.
Is this normal?

  thms 11:06 26 Jul 2007

See here for run down on system restore.
click here

  gel 11:22 26 Jul 2007

Thanks 'thms' The answer is very often in your own back yard.
This gives all I want to know.
Thank you

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