a system restore question

  martin1976 21:29 28 Mar 2004

does anyone know if it is possible to plug a hard drive with win M.E on it that wont boot (for reasons that i wont go into, its on another post)into my existing xp machine andrun system restore on the m.e hdd. i hope that makes sense, i have the two hdd's on the one pc as ihad to get files of the one that wont boot, and i was wonderring if it is possible to roll the reg back on a hdd in which the operating system is not in control. thanks in advance..


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:35 28 Mar 2004

Wouldnt have thought so.


  fuzzyone 21:39 28 Mar 2004

you won't be able to do a restore on the drive, but if you have the me edition cd, you could save what you need by transferring the files to your xp h/d, then format the drive ready for a new os on your other machine.

  gudgulf 21:40 28 Mar 2004

If they are both ata drives,why not set the old me drive as slave to the xp master drive. From xp you should be able to read and retreive any files and folders from the old drive,It is not necessary to get the drive to boot into me to do this.

  martin1976 21:43 28 Mar 2004

thought a s much ta.

  gudgulf 21:44 28 Mar 2004

Sorry I've just read your post -----properly this time,lol

In order to run windows programs on the old disc you will need to boot into me -so the answer to your question is no.

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