System Restore problem with Live Mail

  cyberphobic 15:09 15 Jan 2008

My Wife has been using Windows Live Mail as an email client for a couple of months without any problems both on her work laptop and her personal laptop. She found it difficult to keep up with which mail she had answered on which machine, so she asked me to take Live Mail off both machines and just have Outlook Express on her personal machine which I duly did. She then said that she was missing messages which she had saved in her email folders, so I tried to system restore back to Live Mail, but this doesn’t seem to work. I just get a Windows installer saying “loading Live Mail – but it never does. I have tries downloading Live Mail again and reinstalling it again, but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know if there are known issues with System Restore and Live Mail? Is there are a way of searching for Live Mail folders? An equivalent of *.dbx? Any help would be appreciated because of course it’s all my fault that it’s gone wrong!!

  cyberphobic 08:52 16 Jan 2008


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