system restore problem

  citadel 18:29 20 Jun 2003

I tried to update my graphics card driver from the asus driver to a newer nvidia driver that came on disc with a magazine. I was expecting the disc driver to be in an ex folder to save to the desktop to install after i removed the asus driver. When I clicked on it it installed directly without first without creating the folder. When the computer re-started I removed the asus driver the computer re-started with the grey screen. In the add remove section there are no display drivers listed for windows 95-98-me or asus. windows wil not let me install drivers "in order to maintain system stability"
I used system restore. This says it has restored the system but the computer still starts with no display drivers. I am using windows me.

  palinka 19:49 20 Jun 2003

I also use Windows Me; when I had to do a system restore (for a different reason from yours) I also found nothing had changed, but i was advised that it's sometimes necessary to go back to an earlier restore point. When I did that it worked.
So, for instance, if something messes up your system on, lets say Fri 20th June, restoring your system to Thurs 19th may not have any effect; but going back to Mon 16th, or Wed 11th may do the trick.

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